New 'AI DJ' Feature Launched By Spotify

Spotify's new AI guide 'DJ' can help you curate music. The feature will be available in beta, before a public release. 

DJ uses OpenAI technology. This technology is also used in ChatGPT and Bing’s new search engine smarts. It can search Spotify's music library and find you the music that interests you based on your listening habits. 

The new feature instantly start a personalized stream of music by pressing a button. Based on user feedback, it will adjust and continually refresh your stream.

Spotify says that "the more you listen and tell the DJ what you like (and don’t like!), the better its recommendations get".

Spotify claims that while it might seem automated, the AI is actually used in conjunction its music editors - experts on different genres of music.

DJ is able to use natural language commands to interact with its voice model. The AI can also communicate with users. Spotify teamed up to Xavier Jernigan who voices the AI. 

Jernigan, also known as "X", is one of Spotify’s podcast hosts for its daily morning show 'The GetUp'. According to the company, Jernigan's voice "resonated with listeners and led to a loyal following for our podcast".