New Treatment Option May Treat Sudden Hair Loss

JAK inhibitors, a novel medication, offer effective treatment for challenging moderate to severe alopecia areata, addressing historically difficult-to-treat hair loss condition.

“Because alopecia areata is an inflammatory condition, a JAK inhibitor will essentially reduce the inflammation that is fueling the disease and bring your immune system back into balance,” said dermatologist Dr. Sandra Johnson. 

Affecting all ages, alopecia areata involves abrupt hair loss in expanding patches, potentially covering the entire head or body, though more prevalent in children.

Prevalent in those with a family history of the condition and individuals treated with nivolumab for cancer, alopecia areata is more frequent.

Medical conditions such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, thyroid disease, vitiligo and Down syndrome also increase alopecia areata risk.

Alopecia areata diagnosis includes assessing hair loss and nails, sometimes requiring blood tests to eliminate immune system-related diseases as potential causes.

The study highlights JAK inhibitors as revolutionary, enabling treatment for moderate-to-severe alopecia areata. Baricitinib and ritlecitinib are approved, deuruxolitinib is progressing toward approval, with ongoing clinical trials.