WhatsApp Update: New Feature Let You Create Your Own Avtar

WhatsApp introduces a new feature enabling users to turn their selfies into distinctive cartoon avatars. This creative update offers a fun way for individuals to personalize their interactions on the app.

How to create an avatar with a photo?

1. Open WhatsApp, then Settings. 2. Tap Avatar, then tap Create your Avatar. 3. Tap Get started. 4. Tap Allow camera, then Take photo.


5. Tap the camera to take a photo. 6. You can either retake your photo or create your avatar manually. 7. Tap a skin tone, then tap Next. 8. Tap Make more edits or tap Done.


Are WhatsApp Avatars available for both Android and iOS?

WhatsApp Avatars are accessible to users on both Android and iOS. Ensure your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version to enjoy this exciting feature.

Can I use my personalized avatar in other apps or platforms?

WhatsApp's personalized avatars are currently confined to the app. Future updates may enable users to export and use their avatars on other platforms

Introduced in 2021, the current avatar version spans Meta's platforms, finding prominent utility in VR. Whether in games or meetings, these avatars serve as digital representations of individuals.

Meta has been forging partnerships with diverse brands, enabling users to outfit their avatars in clothing from beloved brands. This enhances personalization.