Nintendo Switch 2: Rumors, Leaked Games, Variants Etc.

The upcoming Nintendo console, dubbed the Switch 2, is set to debut in 2024, creating anticipation among fans for leaks and speculations about its game offerings.

Leaked Nintendo Switch 2 Games

– 3D Super Mario Open World – 2D Donkey Kong – Monster Hunter – Pokemon – Super Monkey Ball

Though certain leaks warrant caution, the speculated games for the Switch 2 are plausible and in harmony with historical trends and expectations for Nintendo consoles.

In contrast to earlier expectations of an OLED screen, the Nintendo Switch 2 is reportedly adopting an LED display. Moreover, there are discussions about incorporating augmented reality (AR) features under the codename "NG."

Based on previous leaks, the Nintendo Switch 2 is geared to rival strong competitors, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X, featuring a notable upgrade to 12 GB of RAM from the current model's 4 GB.

Tencent, the exclusive distributor of Nintendo Switch in China, unveiled the Nintendo Switch Mario Red Edition at 2,599 Yuan ($356). This edition boasts a striking red design, along with enhancements like a larger OLED screen and expanded storage.

Concrete release details for the Switch 2 remain unknown. Nonetheless, recent reports suggest a September 24, 2024 launch with two models, each priced at or above $400.