Nintendo Switch 2: Anticipated Release, Specs, and Game Lineup 

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Nintendo Switch 2, the anticipated successor to the groundbreaking hybrid console, is set to launch in 1st quarter of 2025.


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The console's release date was pushed to 2025, reportedly to ensure a robust launch lineup and ample stock availability.

Analysts predict the Switch 2 will retail for $400, with games priced at $70, aiming to compete with next-gen consoles.

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Demonstrations behind closed doors suggest the Switch 2 will feature visuals comparable to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The speculated Nvidia chipset may enable DLSS upscaling, allowing native 720p visuals to upscale to 4K.

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The Switch 2 is expected to retain its hybrid design but may feature an LCD screen to cut costs, contrary to OLED.

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Upgraded Joy-Cons with Hall Effect joysticks are rumored to address stick drift issues that plagued the original Switch.

Games showcased running on the Switch 2 include an enhanced version of Breath of the Wild and Unreal Engine 5 demos.