Everybody 1-2 Switch Is Coming: Nintendo Announced

Nintendo has announced Everybody 1-2 Switch is launching on June 30. This game is the sequel to 1-2 Switch, which was released in 2017.

The eShop listing says that it'll involve wacky objects like balloons and aliens but there weren't many specific details about the kinds of multiplayer mini-games it'll have.

The game can be played with both Joy-Con Controllers and smart devices. Many of the mini-games also have variations that change the rules and add additional challenges.

A Nintendo Account & internet access is required for those who wish to use a smart device compatible with the service. Smart device mode is only available for certain mini-games, and players have to be in the same space in order to play them.

Joy-Cons were also revealed in new colors, including pastel pink, pastel green, pastel purple, and pastel yellow.

Fanbyte reported in July 2022 that Everybody 1-2 Switch is in development. However, the current mini-games did not test well.

 Nintendo was also reportedly considering charging $60 for Everybody 1-2 Switch, but the eShop lists it for $30.