Nintendo Implements New Guidelines For Community Tournament

Nintendo of America has updated its website with the tournament guidelines, consistent with the UK and Japan. The prize cap, as per U.S. guidelines, is set at $5,000 USD.

Some of The Highlights

- Community tournaments should not "generate commercial revenue except as allowed by these guidelines." - A cap of 300 for online tournament or 200 participants in-person or

- Organizers must not be compensated by third-party sponsors, and they are prohibited from selling food, beverages, or merchandise.

– No prizes exceeding a market value of £4,500 / €5,000 in total – No spectator fees for online tournaments

When do these guidelines come into effect?

These guidelines will be applicable starting from November 15th of this year.

Can community tournaments continue without a license?

Yes, community tournaments can continue without a license if they are considered “small-scale and not for commercial profit.”

Are there any restrictions on the revenue generated from ticket sales and entry fees?

Yes, the income from ticket sales and entry fees must not exceed the tournament’s expenses, which include organizing costs and prize money.