Switch 2: The Future of Gaming? What We Know So Far

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Despite rumors, Nintendo remains tight-lipped about its next console, leaving gamers to speculate about its features and release date.

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Reports suggest Nintendo's upcoming console will feature a custom Nvidia chip, possibly T239, supporting features like ray tracing and DLSS upscaling.

While the official name remains unknown, speculations include "Super Nintendo Switch" or "Switch 2" as temporary labels.

Similar to the original Switch, the new console is expected to maintain its hybrid handheld-console design, likely featuring an 8-inch screen.


Anticipated to launch in the second half of 2024, the new console aims to address declining Switch sales and introduce upgraded features.

The possibility of backward compatibility remains uncertain, although Nintendo aims to transition users seamlessly to the new platform.

The Switch 2 will include a cartridge slot for physical game releases, aligning with Nintendo's retail traditions.