Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Released Worldwide

After forecasting a decline in profits for this year, Nintendo is counting on the new installment of "Zelda", a 40-year-old saga to revive its business.

Since its 1986 debut, the series featuring Princess Zelda's adventures and the elf-like warrior Link sold more than 125 million copies in the world.

The game helped to forge "open-world" games, where players are free to explore virtual landscapes. This idea was later adopted by "Grand Theft Auto", "Skyrim" and other games. 

The main challenge for this year is to increase earnings and extend the shelf life of the Switch console, which experts say is in its dotage.

Yet the franchise's 1980s launch was something of a gamble for a company then best known for Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.

You won't be dealing with a large file if you download Tears of the Kingdom. The current size of the game is 16.2GB. 

Preordering the game will cost you around $70. You can also look to get the limited edition Switch OLED, Pro Controler, or Amiibo if you desired to spend more.