Discover the Latest Galaxy AI Tools in One UI 6.1.1

One UI 6.1.1 debuts with Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 at Unpacked 2024 in Paris.

Significant improvements to Galaxy AI, expanding on the features introduced with One UI 6.1 and Galaxy S24 series.

Converts rough sketches into detailed digital art using Generative AI, and can add new objects to existing photos.

 Now works with more apps beyond the native Phone app, breaking down language barriers more effectively.

Generates suggested text based on keywords, and can emulate your tone for social media messages.

Includes four new FlexWindow widgets, four new cover screen apps, Suggested Replies, and an Auto Zoom feature for FlexCam.

Exclusive to Galaxy Z Fold 6, inspired by Google's Pixel Fold, creating a conversational environment for AI-based communication.