GPT-4 Turbo: The Most Powerful AI Yet

OpenAI unveiled the upgraded GPT-4 Turbo AI model at an in-person event, along with a feature allowing users to craft customized versions of the popular ChatGPT chatbot.

The most recent AI model, GPT-4 Turbo, offers responses based on information up to April 2023, a significant improvement over earlier versions limited to January 2022.

The GPT-4 Turbo allows significantly longer input, accommodating up to 300 pages, a substantial improvement from previous versions limited to around 3,000 words.

GPT-4 includes DALL-E 3 for AI-generated images and offers text-to-speech capabilities. Users can select from six preset voices to receive answers in a variety of tones and styles.

The company stated that GPT-4 Turbo offers cost savings with input tokens being 3 times cheaper at $0.01 and output tokens being 2 times cheaper at $0.03 compared to GPT-4.

ChatGPT's customization was limited to enterprise and business users. However, it's now expanding the feature to allow anyone to create custom chatbots for their specific needs.

With the introduction of user-customized AI chatbots, OpenAI is ushering in a new source of revenue: its unique app store for these personalized chatbots.

The GPT Store enables creators to share their personalized GPT models with the public, and OpenAI plans to introduce a monetization system based on the usage of these creations.