PS5 Pro

Latest on PS5 Pro: Rumors, Pre-Order Details & Enhancements 

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Industry insiders speculate that the PS5 Pro could launch around $499, a slight increase from the base PS5's price.

Anticipated to feature a 10% CPU frequency boost and a 28% increase in system memory speed compared to PS5.

With a GPU rendering 45% faster, the PS5 Pro aims to deliver superior graphics, supporting resolutions up to 8K.

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The PS5 Pro's Advanced Computing Vector boasts 35% more performance, enabling improved audio processing.

The PS5 Pro is rumored to feature a detachable disc drive and 1TB of storage space.

Currently running on SDK 9.00, the PS5 Pro is expected to receive SDK 10.00

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The PlayStation 5 Pro is anticipated to release in fall 2024.