Ryan Fellow

'Street Outlaws' Star Died In A Car Crash

Ryan Fellow (41) passed away in a deathly car crash while filming for Discovery reality series in outskirts of Las Vegas. 

street outlaws

A reality TV series that explores the world of illegal street racing was first premiered in 2013. 

Ryan was driving a gold  Nissan 240z and somehow lost control near the finish line, soon the car caught fire and the spectators were unable to pull him out of the car. 


account was setup for Ryan's family which include wife, Liz, and his two kids, Josiah and Olivia. 

Fellows' death comes months after JJ Da Boss & Tricia Day (husband and wife) met with an fatal accident in january, for which both were hosptalized 

Premiered in 2020. "Street Outlaws Fastest in America" is a reality series. It features eight street-racing teams competing from all over the country for $100,000 and the title "Fastest in America".

'We extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan's loved ones as they process this sudden and devastating loss,' Discovery said in its official statement.

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