Gaming Evolution: Samsung's Glasses-Free 3D Monitor and VR Gaming Experience

Samsung's Innovative Gaming Monitor

The monitor M80D is designed with 3D mode to play VR games without the need for a headset.

Technology Showcase

– Unveiled at Samsung's First Look event ahead of CES in Las Vegas.

Integrated with two cameras for eye and head movement tracking.

Optimized 3D Effects

– The monitor adjusts the 3D mode based on content characteristics.

Eye and head tracking optimize 3D effects in real-time.

Specialized UI for 3D Browsing

Users can enjoy a complete 3D experience, from browsing to gaming, without wearable accessories.

Compatibility with VR Games

Samsung is securing partnerships with notable gaming publishers for 3D gaming content.

Release and Price Considerations

The release date is still not confirmed by Samsung and the pricing compared to existing VR headsets is yet to be revealed.

Access streaming TV apps and Samsung Gaming Hub on the M80D.

Works as a smart home device, pairing with Matter-compatible IoT devices without an additional hub.