WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Spotted On The Set Of Captain America 4

WWE Wrestler Has Joined the MCU and has been spotted on the set of the upcoming movie Captain America: New World Order.

In a photo and a video shared on Twitter, Rollins is seen talking with crew members at the set of the 4th Captain America film in Atlanta Georgia. 

Captain America: New World Order will be released on May 3, 2024.  Anthony Mackie will play Sam Wilson, the new Captain America taking over from Chris Evans. 

According to new speculation, Rollins will play a member in the Serpent Society, a group of Supervillains. They first appeared in the Captain America Comic Books. 

Despite rumours circulating that Evans may return to Captain America in some capacity, he disappointed fans with an announcement at 2023 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. 

Rollins may be portraying King Cobra, who is one of the Serpent Society leaders. The character is a snake-themed villain that was mutated from a radioactive snake.

Rollins will face AJ Styles at Night Of Champions to crown the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion on May 27.