Skull and Bones: Unveiling the Pirate's Tale

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Skull and Bones Platforms:

Available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC; dropped support for PS4 and Xbox One.

Game Setting 

Set in the 'Golden Age of Piracy' in the Indian Ocean, a dangerous yet beautiful open world.

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Control all ship functions - navigation, combat, and crew management; features three ship types: Navigation, Firepower, and Cargo.


Customize 12 available ships to suit your playstyle; manage ship condition and crew morale.


Multiplayer-first, with the option to play solo; focus on player-driven stories through pirate contracts and missions.


Sailable solo or in groups of three; engage in PvE or PvP encounters with other players or AI.

Release Date

February 16, 2024, confirmed at The Game Awards 2023 after several delays.