SpaceX Rocket Launches Another Batch of Starlink Satellite

What Are Starlink Satellites?

Starlink, operated by Elon Musk's SpaceX, is a satellite network designed to offer global internet connectivity to people worldwide.

The Flacon

On Saturday, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully deployed 54 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit from Cape Canaveral Space Force Base.

The first stage booster supporting this mission completed its 16th flight and landed on the A Shortfall of Gravitas droneship in the Atlantic Ocean after stage separation.

Missions So Far

According to SpaceX engineer Zachary Luppen, the successful landing marked SpaceX's 207th orbital rocket landing and 247th overall mission.

The recent mission deployed the remaining v1.5 satellites, constituting 67% of Starlink's total constellation, into low-Earth orbit, as confirmed by SpaceX.

Starlink 2.0

SpaceX is transitioning to the next iteration, Version 2, of Starlink internet satellites, with mini-V2 versions already launched into orbit. 

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell's tally reveals that SpaceX currently has 4397 operational Starlink satellites in space.