Next-Gen Starlink Satellites Have Started Falling From Space

One of the Starlink satellite has begun to fall out of orbit. SpaceX is having serious problems with the newer satellites due to their advanced tech.

SpaceX launched 21 Starlink satellites last month into orbit to improve connectivity to its satellite broadband service.

McDowell, who monitors SpaceX's satellite activity claims that 'at least 14 are actively on their way down'. While re-entering the atmosphere, the satellite might certainly burned up. 

The new Starlink satellites are called V2 Minis specially designed to help SpaceX increase its coverage. 

SpaceX uses a large satellite array in near Earth orbit to provide superfast Internet access to almost any device around the globe.

Customers in the UK can expect to pay hundreds of pounds for Starlink hardware, as well as an activation fee and a monthly subscription cost. 

Starship will launch its first orbital mission next week. It is hoped that the Starship will eventually carry astronauts capable of exploring the Red Planet.