Here's Exactly When You Can Start Playing The Brand-New Super Mario Adventure

The latest game reverts to the franchise's classic 2D side-scrolling format, featuring Mario, Luigi, and their friends. Notably, players have the ability to transform into an elephant.

When Is The Release Date?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder comes out on Friday, October 20th on the Nintendo Switch. The game has been available for preload since October 13

It costs $59.99 and can be downloaded from the Switch eShop or ordered online.

How Much Does The Game Cost?

Where Does Wonder Take Place?

Mario embarks on a journey from the Mushroom Kingdom to the Flower Kingdom, ruled by Prince Florian, inhabited by speaking flowers and Toad-like Poplins.

What Are Some Of The Power-Ups?

–A fruit that transforms Mario into an elephant. –A flower that lets you create bubbles to trap enemies. –Wonder Flowers that can change entire levels. –A mushroom that gives you a hat with a drill on it.

What Playable Characters Are There?

At launch there will be 8 playable characters: – Mario – Luigi – Toad – Toadette – Nabbit – Yoshi – Princess Peach – Princess Daisy

How Big is the File Size for Mario Wonder?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will take up 3.5 gigabytes of space on the Switch's storage, making it considerably smaller than some other Mario games.