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Explore The Highest-Rated Male Athletes In WWE 2K24

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Logan Paul - 90

Despite limited in-ring experience, Logan Paul ranks among the top male superstars due to his presence and memorable moments.

Jey Uso - 90 

Transitioning from tag team wrestling, Jey Uso emerges as a formidable singles competitor, earning a generous rating.

Gunther - 90 

The unstoppable force from Austria remains undefeated in WWE, holding the Intercontinental Championship with dominance.

Randy Orton - 91

With over two decades of excellence, Randy Orton maintains his status as one of WWE's top talents

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Cody Rhodes - 93

Returning to WWE with a vengeance, Cody Rhodes aims to dethrone Roman Reigns, boasting an impressive 93 rating.

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Seth Rollins - 93

Embracing the role of the workhorse champion, Seth Rollins rises to the top tier with his unique style and relentless drive.

Roman Reigns - 97

Despite a slight drop from his record-breaking rating, Roman Reigns remains a dominant force as WWE Undisputed Universal Champion.