A Look On The Global Expansion of Walmart

As of the end of 2022, Walmart's global store count reached an impressive 10,593, showcasing a significant 8.47% increase from 2012 when there were 9,766 stores. This consistent growth reflects Walmart's enduring success 

What are the top countries where Walmart operates?

1. United States – 5,358 stores 2. Mexico – 2,862 stores 3. Canada – 413 stores 4. United Kingdom – 633 stores 5. China – 433 store

Operating in 27 countries with 10,500+ stores, Walmart, a retail behemoth, employs a massive 2.3 million associates globally. It consistently achieves annual revenues exceeding $500 billion

Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

Walmart will remain closed on Thanksgiving 2023 (Nov. 23), company officials announced earlier this year. It’s the third consecutive year Walmart has closed don Thanksgiving.

Walmart will be open 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. on Black Friday (Nov. 24). Black Friday deals will be available in store on that day. After Black Friday, the next big sale day for Walmart will be Cyber Monday on Nov. 27.

What factors contribute to Walmart’s power?

Walmart's influence derives from its vast store network, robust brand recognition, economies of scale, and effective supply chain management.  

Who is more rich: Target or Walmart?

Walmart Revenue in 2022: $572.8 billion Target Revenue in 2022: $109.1 billion