Elizabeth Holmes To Begin 11-Year Prison Sentence

Elizabeth Holmes, 39, is expected to report at the all-female prison camp in Bryan (Texas), about 100 miles from Houston.

Holmes is being held in a Texas jail where she may spend the next 11 years. She was responsible for a blood testing hoax which became a parable of greed and hubris within Silicon Valley. 

Elizabeth had been on bail since 2022 when a jury convicted her on four felony counts of fraud and conspiracy.

Holmes was a Silicon Valley star when she announced that her company had perfected an easy-to-use kit for medical diagnostics using only a few drops of blood.

The hype around that alleged breakthrough helped Theranos to raise almost $1 billion from investors. It also turned Holmes into a tech celebrity with an estimated fortune of $4.5 billion in 2014. 

In addition to her prison sentence, she and former top Theranos executive Ramesh Sunny Balwani have been ordered to pay $452 million to the bilked investors.

Prosecutors claim that she lied about Theranos Inc's technology from 2010 to 2015. She claimed it could perform many tests with just one drop of blood taken from a finger-prick. Theranos ultimately dissolved in September 2018