Thor 5 in Development?

Taika Waititi, the director, has suggested a potential fifth installment of the Marvel superhero Thor series. The hinted villain is anticipated to surpass even Hela, the Goddess of Death, in power.

Chris Hemsworth, who portrayed the God of Thunder in four solo films and nine Marvel movies, previously voiced uncertainty about reprising the role for another installment.

In a retrospective interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chris Hemsworth mentioned his reluctance to portray Thor until audiences become disinterested and react negatively to his on-screen appearances.

Taika Waititi intends to incorporate eccentric and fantastical creatures, monsters, and extraterrestrials into Thor's upcoming MCU escapades.

Thor's distinct attributes and mythos render him a captivating figure for space odysseys, providing a distinctive perspective from the human characters of the MCU.

Although "Thor 5" isn't currently being developed, Waititi shared his vision for a potential new installment in the "Thor" series in Titan's "Thor: Love and Thunder" movie special book.

"Love and Thunder" brought significant additions to the MCU with the introduction of Hercules and Eternity. Hercules, a comic villain, and Eternity, with potential ties to the Multiverse saga and Avengers: Secret Wars.