Musk Implements Restrictions on Threads URL Usage Within Twitter

Elon Musk's acquisition of the Twitter for nearly $44 billion now encounters a significant hurdle with the emergence of the Meta's Threads app.

The Definitive Measures 

While Twitter permits the posting of Threads URLs, they are selectively restricting searches for tweets containing those links.

No Results

Despite numerous tweets containing links to the "" domain, searching "" on Twitter yields no results.

Irrelevant Results

Searching for "" on Twitter without the "URL:" operator produces irrelevant results from users with "Threads" in their display name.

According to a user's tweet, the Threads app is consuming excessive background data, leading to faster battery drain compared to other applications.

The Comparison

Twitter currently has 353.9M active users annually and 237.8M active users daily, while Meta's Threads is fastest consumer app to reach 100 million users.

As of early 2023, Facebook had approximately 2.98 billion monthly active users, while Instagram had over 2.35 billion monthly active users.