The Top 10 In-Demand Tech Skills You Need to Have

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become synonymous with innovation as humans now expect computers to not only do their work but to also get smarter as they work.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data science assists organizations to make better and faster data-driven decisions, it is in demand in key industries such as finance, banking, and healthcare.

Data Science and Analytic

Cloud Computing 

Owing to the pandemic and the emerging work from home culture, a growing number of companies are switching from the traditional server infrastructure to cloud solutions. The cloud explosion has led to the birth of numerable job opportunities for cloud computing engineers.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing career paths and is seven times faster than the national average job growth.the pandemic has forced companies to adopt remote working and shift their operations and data to the cloud.

Internet of Things

The emergence of edge computing which is used to process time-sensitive data in remote locations with limited connectivity has led to an increase in the use of the Internet of Things devices.

Project Management

Leaders need project management skills to help teams focus on providing the right value for their employers.

Now that you have learnt about the top skills you will need to proceed in the new normal, it’s time to start working on it . To know about more skills..