Twitch Launches Stories Feature For Streamers

Twitch introduced "stories" on Monday, a new feature for creators to post short updates using the Twitch mobile app, akin to functions on platforms like Instagram.

Users can post brief updates on their channel, with a 48-hour expiration. This feature is available to partners and affiliates who've streamed within the past month.

Stories may include images, clips, or freeform content with text, channel emotes, and backgrounds. They vanish after 48 hours, with follower alerts and engagement analytics.

Streamers with a minimum of 30 subscribers, including gift subs, can share sub-only stories, offering extra incentive to persuade viewers to subscribe. 

Stories will be integrated into the app's Discovery Feed, alongside clips from recommended streamers. Future updates for Stories will introduce user mentions, polls, video uploads, and clip editing.

Twitch confirmed that Stories must adhere to their Community Guidelines for safety, allowing users to report violations. 2023 presented challenges with feature launches and March layoffs.

Streamers can easily post a story by clicking the plus icon in the "Following" section. Alternatively, they can access the Stream Manager page and click "Create" for story creation.