What Is AutoGPT- The New Autonomous AI Agent

AutoGPT is no different than ChatGPT, it is mostly a replica with only a few differences, recently released on GitHub including AutoGPT plugins, data, scripts, and supported docs.

Applications of AutoGPT

– Developers can create websites in less time and with minimum effort. – Content writers can generate long blog posts with lesser input.

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– Marketing teams can create intensely marketing strategies. – Can be used for automating user interaction on websites with products and reviews.

How To Install AutoGPT

There are a total three steps that you need to work on: 1. Install Python and Pip 2. Add API keys to use Auto-GPT 3. Install Auto GPT

How To Use AutoGPT

– At the first run, it will ask you to name the AI. For example, I named it ‘MyGPT’ – Next, you need to define the role of the AI. – At this point, set goals for the autonomous AI one by one.

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– It begins analysing or starting thinking. Meanwhile, it may use your browser to collect data. – During the process, you can examine what the AI is thinking, reasoning, and planning.

The practice of making GPT or LLMs effective for the world, can be seen coming true with the release of AutoGPT. Click on the link below to  more.