What Is Bot Traffic And How To Detect It?

Bot traffic refers to the activity generated on websites or online platforms by automated software applications called bots, rather than real human users.

There are different types of bots, including good bots like search engine crawlers, and malicious bots like spam bots, click bots, and scraping bots.

Bot traffic can have various effects on websites, such as skewing analytics data, consuming server resources, increasing bandwidth usage, impacting website performance, and compromising security.

Various techniques can help detect and mitigate bot traffic, including IP Analysis, User-Agent Analysis, Behavior Analysis, CAPTCHA, and Bot Challenges, Bot Intelligence Services. 

Implementing a WAF can help detect and block malicious bot traffic by analyzing patterns and behaviors.

Employing bot management solutions, which use machine learning algorithms to detect and mitigate bot traffic in real-time.

Continuous monitoring of website traffic, analytics data, and server logs can help identify suspicious patterns and take appropriate actions to mitigate bot traffic.