What is Ethical Tech?

Ethical tech recognizes the importance of user privacy and ensures that user data is not collected, stored, or used without explicit consent and in compliance with relevant laws.

Ethical tech requires transparency in how technology is developed and used. This includes providing clear and accessible information about how technology works and the data it collects.

Ethical tech requires that technology is designed and used in a manner that is fair and unbiased, free from discrimination or prejudice.

Ethical tech aims to ensure that technology is accessible to everyone, regardless of their income, disability, or location.

Ethical tech recognizes the importance of cybersecurity and prioritizes the protection of user data and other sensitive information.

Ethical tech recognizes the social responsibility of technology companies and aims to ensure that technology is used to promote social good and not harm.

Ethical tech prioritizes the needs and well-being of people over profit, and uses human-centered design principles to create technology that meets the needs of users.