What Is Intent Data?

Intent data refers to information that is gathered and analyzed to understand the online behavior and actions of potential customers, indicating their intent or interest in a particular product, service, or topic.

Intent data can be collected from various sources, including website analytics, search engine queries, social media interactions, content engagement, email interactions, online surveys, and more.

Intent data can include behavioral signals such as the frequency of website visits, pages viewed, time spent on site, interactions with content or ads, and other online actions that indicate a potential customer's interest and engagement.

Intent data can also include contextual signals such as the keywords used in search queries, the topics or themes of content consumed, the industry or vertical of a website, and other contextual information that provides insights into the intent of the user.

Intent data is often used to generate predictive insights, which help businesses anticipate and respond to potential customer needs and preferences based on their online behavior and actions.

Intent data is used to personalize marketing and sales efforts by tailoring content, offers, and messages to align with the identified intent of the prospect, increasing relevance and engagement.

Intent data can be used for market research to understand customer preferences, interests, and trends, providing valuable insights for product development, competitive analysis, and market positioning.