The Buck Moon, Approaching

What Is July Buck Moon?

Buck moon is the symbol for the newly formed antlers that appear on the deer buck's face at this time, referred by the names of Thunder Moon, Hay and Wyrt Moon.

When Will It Be Clearly Visible?

The full moon will illuminate the sky on July 3rd & will be closest to earth on July 4th, some 223,786 miles away

What Makes This Moon a Supermoon?

The moon occasionally reaches its closest proximity. When it comes within 90% of its nearest distance to Earth, it is referred to as a Supermoon.

This year, there are four supermoons, and the buck moon is the first and smallest one. The others will be in August and September 

The Perigee Point

The point where the Moon is at closest distance to the Earth, which makes the moon appear upto 14% bigger and 30 % brighter.

How To Watch Buck Moon?

The best time to view the July supermoon or buck moon is at the moonrise or the setting moon It is the time when the moon appears the largest in the sky 

The Upcoming Full Moon In 2023

August 1- Sturgeon Moon August 31- Blue Moon September 29- Harvest Moon October 28- Hunter’s Moon November 27- Beaver Moon December 27- Cold Moon