China Reportedly Bans iPhone Use By Government Official

China has reportedly prohibited central government agency officials from using  Apple iPhones and other foreign-branded devices for work or bringing them to the office.

This directive marks Beijing's ongoing efforts to reduce dependence on foreign tech, strengthen cybersecurity, and control the flow of sensitive information beyond China's borders.

Apple is a dominant player in China's premium smartphone sector, with the country contributing significantly, approximately 19%, to its total revenue.

Following the news Apple's shares fell 3.6% on Wednesday, closing at $182.91, the largest daily decline in a month. Prior to this drop, Apple had seen a 46% increase this year.

China's restrictions parallel U.S. bans on Huawei Technologies and Chinese-owned TikTok due to concerns over data security and strained relations amid heightened national security focus.

In 2021, China limited Tesla use by military and state-owned company staff due to data security concerns, but Tesla's sales in the country remain strong.

One of the iPhone's key attractions is its security and privacy features. In 2016, Apple faced a legal showdown with the Justice Department over unlocking a deceased terrorist's iPhone, highlighting Apple's commitment to privacy.