X surpassed Instagram, Facebook in User Engagement

Elon Musk, purchased Twitter for $44 billion in 2022. Subsequent changes include rebranding to X, retiring the bird logo, and an 80% reduction in workforce.

The changes to X sparked varied reactions, with predictions of decline, especially after Meta Platforms launched the rival app "Threads" following the transformation of Facebook and Instagram.

Searching "Twitter is dying" on Google reveals articles from prominent outlets like TechCrunch, Vox, and Bloomberg, all prominently presenting this perspective.

A recent X post highlighted the platform's lead in generating traffic through Google's top 100 organic search results, surpassing Instagram and Facebook significantly.

Searches for just the term “X” have increased by 19.4%, while searches for “Twitter” have fallen by 26% in the same period, found Fasthosts. 

After the takeover announcement in April 2022, X's site traffic declined by 7.86% by November 2022. One year later, in November 2023, traffic rebounded by 22.3% to 74,844,760 visits.

Despite controversies and differing opinions, the surprising statistic reveals that X is now more popular than it has been in the past 18 months.