Apple Could Owe You Upto $349 In The iPhone 7 Settlement

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Apple has agreed to a Canada-wide class-action settlement worth up to $14.4 million related to iPhone 6 and 7 models.

Eligible members are Canadian residents who bought or had an iPhone 6 series, iphone7 or 7 Plus and updated to iOS 10.2.1 or earlier before Dec. 21, 2017.

Eligible individuals must submit their claims online by Sept. 2, 2024.

Claims can be submitted by filling out a form on the settlement website. Eligibility can be confirmed by entering the iPhone's serial number.

Eligible claimants could receive up to $150 after legal fees are deducted.

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In 2020, Apple settled a similar case in the United States for up to $500 million over "throttling" iPhone 6 and 7 models.

For further assistance, class members can call the toll-free number, 1-833-633-0343.