YouTube Partner Program: More Opportunities For Creators

YouTube has lowered the threshold for monetization, and expanded its affiliate program to create new revenue opportunities for content creators.

What Are The New Conditions?

 –Should have 500 subscribers –3 valid public upload in last 90 days –Either 3K watch hours in past year or 3M Shorts views in the last 90 days.

The Previous Conditions Were:

– Having at least 1K subscribers. – Either 4K watch hours in past year or 10M Shorts views in last 90 days.

Unlock the following features after meeting the conditions:

– Channel membership – Super Chat – Super Sticker – Super Thank – Promote your own products with YouTube Shopping

Changes will initially be implemented in:

-United States -United Kingdom -South Korea -Canada -Taiwan

What's more for the US creators?

Creators who are already YPP members having over 20k subscribers can tag products on videos and Shorts to earn a commission.

YouTube is set to discuss and give more details about its new programs at the VidCon conference next week.