Will Amazon's Home Robot ASTRO Survive?

Let's find out...

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What Is It?

Meet Amazon’s First  Home Robot “Astro”

Amazon Astro is a self-taught and intelligent home robot specifically designed for busy people to keep home closer, even if they locked their homes.

Astro robots can move like a pet using its wheel, find their own way around your home and do all the fun while keeping an eye on your kids, pets, and unrecognized people.



Price & Availability

living with amazon's home robot could be expensive!

Amazon's new robot helper Astro is available to buy by invite only for $1,000.

Astro Courtesy

"A companion, a mobile Alexa, and more"

Command and receive information via voice dictation principle.

A robotic companion may help you carry out optimistic tasks.

On a video call, Astro can move with you, keeping you in fame.

Amazon Astro

the good

Intelligent and impressive motion.

Fast and accurate responses.

Portable and handy.

Self-charging characteristic.

Works with Alexa routines.

home robot

Amazon Astro

the bad

The price is too expensive.

No arms i.e. less effective.

Subscriptions required for some features.

home robot


Amazon Astro  Complete Review

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