Amazon Astro Review: Should You Buy Or Avoid?

Amazon Astro Review: What Is It, Price & Availability + The Good & Bad (Should You Buy or Avoid)

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Review 8 min. read

Updated on 03 November 2023

“Astro comes with 30 days free of Ring Protect Pro” – as per official Amazon website

Will Amazon’s next-generation first home robot “Astro” survive? Well, our community doubts! 🤔 Find more in the Amazon Astro review.

Amazon Astro is an innovation from Amazon which is an intelligent AI-demonstrated self-taught robot with a soul of Alexa much similar to Amazon Echo Show 10 but with a smart display on wheels.

Many call it a cute robot while some say ambitious robot assistants are capable of following your instructions and are self-taught to indulge in your daily tasks.

With advanced AI technology and algorithms, it could learn your daily routine drills to enhance its capabilities.

Besides, the Amazon Astro robot can pick up your kids’ shoes, feed the dog, and clean the house. Thanks to the Alexa integration, you could dictate specific commands to do the job for you.


The obvious thing to note is its price, settled for $1000. Currently, available to buy by invite-only mode and that only ships to addresses in the 50 US states, too.

Our team of experts decided to review Amazon Astro Robot for people looking to buy. We have mentioned everything: its price, pros and cons, availability, policies, and conclusion.

Amazon Astro Review: What Is It?

What is Amazon Astro
Meet Amazon’s First Home Robot “Astro”

Amazon Astro is a self-taught and intelligent home robot specifically designed for busy people to keep home closer, even if they locked their homes.

Astro robots can move like a pet using its wheel, find their own way around your home and do all the fun while keeping an eye on your kids, pets, and unrecognized people.

On top, it has a 10.1-inch screen (smart display) with a 5-megapixel camera on the bezel. The bottom parts hold two front-facing 55mm speakers with a passive bass radiator and smart LED panel just above it. On the back side, a mini-storage space for holding drinks, a jar, or something else with some intuitive buttons and functionalities.


Astro Robot Review: Specifications

Amazon Astro comes with advanced navigation and technologies, a fast-technology charger, amazing response, and jaw-dropping experience. It could act as your companion to follow you with entertainment and as a teacher to teach, guide, and manage your home.

  • Ports: USB-C (for accessories)
  • Astro weight: 20.6lbs (9.35kg)
  • Charger Weight: 3.9lbs (1.75kg)
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Astro dimensions: 16.7 x 9.8 x 17.3in (424 x 250 x 440mm)
  • Charger dimensions: 11.0 x 10.4 x 5.0in (280 x 264 x 127mm)
  • Periscope Height: Extends up to 42in (106.7cm) from floor
  • Display: 10.1in (25.7cm) HD touchscreen display, 1280×800 resolution
  • Camera: 5MP bezel camera and 1080p Periscope camera
  • WiFi: Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming

In the box, you will get the charger, three steps to plug in the charger, an optional cup holder, a welcome kit with helpful tips, as well as a “Protected by Ring” sticker, and a charger template.

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Amazon Astro Robot Price & Availability (2023)

Astro is Amazon’s day-1 edition which means it’s not fully developed with complete attainment, the updates and improvements are in progress to make the Astro robot convenient and effective for consumers.

Amazon’s day-1 edition, Astro, is priced at $1000 which seems to be a very high price tag for consumers. In alternate terms, as an item you can purchase and use in your home at the present time, it just comes up short on utility or clear character to make it worth the cost.

Now that you are wondering whether to invite or have a chance to buy Astro soon, you have to wait longer because it isn’t available to the public yet. Currently, the company distributes Astro exclusively by invitation and that only in the U.S.

Amazon Astro Review: How To Setup and Get Started?

Amazon’s Astro has pretty simple steps of configuration like the Amazon Echo dot or many others of Amazon’s smart home devices.

It has a guided setup process, which prompts you through the steps with on-screen instructions. From initiation to completion, the whole process went fairly quickly.

Here’s how to get started to say hello to your new Astro Robot:

  • Plug in your Astro to the charger. It will wake Astro.
  • Follow the on-screen directions and allow characteristics it may ask.
  • Between the guided process, you teach the Astro the voice and face of you or multiple people to increase interactivity.
  • Astro attempts to get to know and map your home environs.
  • At the last, it will prompt you to install the Astro app on your device. Astro app is available for both Apple and Android devices.
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Amazon Limited-Edition Astro Robot: Who Should Be Using?

Amazon’s Astro which is available on invitation only as a limited edition is an excellent product for family members. Ultimately, the Astro robot is not for commercial purposes.

The Astro can be your true companion in terms of security, spying on your kids, and taking care of your pets when you are not around.

Astro can effectively watch the home, notify you about packages ordered, emergency help, etc.

Amazon Astro Review: Things Need To Know Before You Buy


Amazon Astro Design
Astro resembles a human-like personality and expresses multi-facet emotions with its animated eyes and beautiful sound.

Amazon’s new home robot is exceptionally incredible. In terms of design, we give 100 out of 100. Compact design and is easy to carry.

Much pretend and resemble a human on the wheel, can wander curiosity around, avoid obstacles, people, pets, and even more. It can rotate approx 180° to see what’s happening around it. Its 10.1-inch screen, which acts as a face, can make up emotions and feelings like humans do such as a happy face, wrecked face, sad face, etc.

The overall design concept is like sleeking into a personal robotics future.

Agreements and Policies

It’s general that now every smart gadget comes with agreements and policies which require you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it.

By saying this, Robot Astro has certain agreements and terms of services to agree to. Underneath are snippets of terms that you must agree to:

  • Alexa Terms of Use
  • Amazon Conditions of Use
  • Amazon Privacy Notice
  • Children’s Privacy Disclosure
  • Interest-Based Ads
  • Amazon Prime Terms
  • Amazon Music Terms of Use
  • Kindle Store Terms of Use
  • Audible Service Conditions of Use
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment Terms of Use
  • Amazon Kids+ Terms & Conditions
  • Amazon Photos Terms of Use
  • Amp Terms of Use
  • Amazon Device Terms of Use


It is important to know Astro functions before you decide to buy it. What does an Amazon Astro robot do?

As of now, Amazon’s Astro prompts three functions: a robotic companion, a mobile Alexa, and a home security robot with AI.

A robotic companion may help you carry out optimistic tasks.

Integrated with Alexa, command and receive information via voice dictation principle.

Besides all of this, it could be your home security sentry.

The new futuristic robot accumulates various sensors to automatically map your home, and learn what’s happening and what matters most.

Security Facet

We find that Astro robot is a good home security bot. After all, the company keeps the centered attention specifically for this purpose.

A periscope in Astro Robot
A periscope, which emerges from the swiveling head of the device can be used to take selfies and, more practically, roam and eye the house remotely while you’re away.

Using the remote-controlled camera, it lets you to eye on the buddies, kids, and pets and also let them know they’re recorded on camera.

Another way to use Astro as a security bot is by connecting it with your Ring Protect Pro subscription which provide added features like send you notification, real-time home monitoring alerts, schedule patrols, and much more.

The Good and The Bad

Disclosing our opinion in the form of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that we liked and disliked while investigating Amazon Astro review.

Amazon Astro Review: What Is It, Price & Availability + The Good & Bad (Should You Buy or Avoid) 1 The Good Amazon Astro Review: What Is It, Price & Availability + The Good & Bad (Should You Buy or Avoid) 2 The Bad
Intelligent and impressive motion The price is too expensive
Fast and accurate responses Subscriptions required for some features
Portable and handy No arms i.e. less effective
Self-charging characteristic  
Works with Alexa routines  
Good smart security  
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How Do I Get An Amazon Astro?

Here’s how you can try to get your first-hand on Amazon’s Day-1 launch of Astro into your home.

  • Search for “Amazon Astro” on the browser
  • Open Amazon Astro page
  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • On the right side, select Request an Invitation
  • Complete the survey by filling asked questions
  • The community then will review the request

Open your Amazon app and search for amazon Astro. On the right side of the page select Request an Invitation. After some time, you will receive an invitation to purchase the Astro, if Amazon selects you.

Is Amazon Astro Worth Buying?

It’s tricky to answer this question.

It is because the company hasn’t released it publicly but to some selected ones. This means only a few lucky ones will be able to first-hand Astro home robots by spending a thousand dollars.

And that’s a high price that you would pay to bring Amazon Astro into your home. Adding more to the notes, people additionally need to buy Ring Protect Pro plans (after a 6-month free trial period) to continue the benefits such as accessing ring video history for up to 180 days, saving video to cloud storage, setting smart alerts, and so on.

In conclusion, if you’re willing to spend enough to care for Astro Robot, definitely it would be a better companion for you otherwise, it’s wont.

Does Amazon Astro Work Outdoors?

Considering the current state-of-the-fact about Astro is that it is a smart household robot that is designed for home monitoring and pairs with a Ring alarm system.

This means that Astro works well when you keep this futuristic robot inside the home. However, you can take it with you to the lawn, and backyards, but not on the road or adventure. This is what we found on our amazon Astro review practice.

Can Amazon Astro Robot Harm Your Child and Pets?

It has no arms and a stubborn mind. So, luckily, Astro robots won’t harm your child and pets. Astro robots designed immersive with the agenda of being a good companion, a smart robot, and security bot when no one is around at home.

When Will Amazon Astro Publicly Available?

“Available exclusively by invitation” is the official words of Amazon for its new-age household robot named Astro.

Currently, the product can only ship to addresses in the 50 US states. Trying to order outside the US won’t give you anything more than dissatisfaction.

Conclusion: Should You Buy or Avoid? In 2023?

As of now, it is unknown how many invitations the company may approve for the Amazon Astro robot. If you have seen Astro in your neighborhood, try to ask them and learn how it is helpful for them and in what manner.

However, some experts in this industry (gadgets review) have shared their opinion with the public. They have found Astro equally both fascinating and frustrating.

In the end, we would suggest you wait for a few months until this product accumulates some good reviews in the market.

Thanks for reading the Amazon Astro review and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Astro out yet?

Amazon Astro is currently available exclusively by invitation in the United States only. There are no official words for public availability by the company.

What is the purpose of Amazon Astro?

The invention of Astro by Amazon is generally to help household members to prompt their lifestyle better and more convenience each day. Astro can act as a roving security guard, a toy for the kids, and an errand-bot.

Can an Amazon Astro robot climb stairs?

Astro robot wheels aren't designed for that purpose. It can only run on a floor and carpets. If you are trying to climb Astro itself, it may fail to do so and may fall.

How long does Amazon Astro battery last?

Astro robot works on a battery and it is made of Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which can charge in approximately 45 minutes from initial zero. Given that, it could run for a few hours, say 3 to 4 hours.

Can an Astro robot from Amazon recognize intruders?

Amazon’s Astro uses facial recognition technology to anticipate whether the person is a companion or woe. If it fails to recognize the identity, it may notify you with an unrecognized person signal.

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