Finding educational apps that are of high quality in 2022 can seem daunting, especially when you consider the fact there are more than 520,000 educational apps. Here are the top educational apps available on Android for learners and students. 



It is one of the largest online learning platforms with over 183,000 courses. Individual courses start at $13.99, which is the lowest price. You can choose from business, fitness, programming, design and music. Udemy offers more practical skills than academic courses.


Coursera offers a variety of paid and free courses, including mobile & web development , business strategy, data analysis, marketing, web designing etc. You can browse the most popular courses, maybe a particular course will help you to find your next career.

TED Masterclass

The creators of TED created an app that allows you to practice all the lessons you need about public speaking and improve your oral skills. Also, understand how to grab the attention of the audience.

Xmind: Mind Map and Brainstorm

This application offers many options, whether you want to create a blog post or get android assignment assistance for your paper. To help you create mind maps, practice brainstorming ideas, and come up with the structure of your paper.


This app allows students to optimize their learning process. All study materials can be saved in one place. You can also copy content from the internet, create digital copies of timetables and notes. You can also create handwritten notes and record audio of lectures, seminars and interviews. All information will be stored in Cloud service.


Skillshare has over 35,000 classes and many options to help you choose what course to take. You can find out more about design, filmmaking, photography, and creative writing. It also offers courses in marketing, entrepreneurship, and business in the creative field.

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