The Best Education Apps For Android

The Best Education Apps for Android

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read


How often do you use your smartphone every day? According to statistics, an average American citizen checks smartphones 344 times a day in 2022. Practically, every person that owns a smartphone and has access to the internet has a whole world of applications for various needs right in their pocket.

Think about how wisely you use your device and how you can turn phone usage into a more rewarding pass-time. What would you like to explore? What skills do you think will be great to develop? You can learn programming, learn Japanese or Italian, boost your IQ and creative skills,

In the text below, you can look through some educational apps for students on Android that may be helpful both for students and curious grown-ups.

Top 12 Android Apps for Education


When you don’t know what you want, the best decision will be to look through courses available on educational platforms like Coursera. The list of free and paid classes is surprising: business strategy, marketing, data analysis, mobile and web development, design, math, arts, social sciences, health, languages, and even more. Look through the most popular classes or think about which educational gap will be significant to close. Maybe a chosen course will highlight your future profession.

Cost: free (some courses are free, to get a certificate starts at $29)


It’s one of the biggest online learning platforms, with more than 183 000 courses. The lowest price for individual courses starts at $13.99. Choose from fitness, health, business, programming, design, art, music, and more. Udemy proposes more practical skills instead of academic courses. At the same time, anyone can create a system and share knowledge. That’s why you need to carefully pick the class like you are searching for a good apartment at Airbnb.

Cost: free (a limited amount of free courses, paid courses to start from $11.99)

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TED Masterclass

If you strive to improve your oral skills and speech delivery, the creators of TED have made an application where you can try out all lessons about public speaking. Explore tricks and secrets of TED performers, learn how to design the speech text, try out exercises for the voice sound, and understand how to catch the audience’s attention.

Cost: free (first lesson and previews are free, full access to the course starts from $49.99).

Xmind: Mind Map and Brainstorm

Whether you plan to write an engaging post for your blog or seek android assignment help with your paper, this application has various methods. You can practice creating mind maps to find a good topic for an essay, come up with the paper structure, help yourself define the right decision for a particular situation, or just brainstorm ideas.

Cost: free (in-app purchases of new levels)


This application is regularly included in top education applications. Students can easily optimize the learning process just in one app. You can save all study materials in one place, copy any content from the web, make digital copies of timetables, notes, and store photos of teachers’ boards, copybooks, and book excerpts. Moreover, you can create handwritten notes and take audio records of lectures, seminars, interviews, and discussions. Everything will be stored in the Cloud service, so all your information will be available on all devices and anywhere with an internet connection.

Cost: free ( 50% discount on subscription for students)


This application is for those striving to improve their skills in various arts. Here you can learn more about creative writing, design, photography, animation, and filmmaking. Besides, it also has courses about business in the creative sphere, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Skillshare covers over 35,000 classes, and you will have many variants to decide what to learn first.

Cost: free (2-month free period, then paid subscription)

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Encode and SoloLearn

If you wish to dig into programming languages, the SoloLearn application will help you learn the basics of Python, C++, Java, HTML, SQL, and more. Here you can learn even some new programming languages. Encode concentrates more on two languages like JavaScript and Python. Interactive tutorials, quizzes, and short lessons won’t leave you bored.

Cost: free (in-app purchases)


If you are a science and math fan, this application is for you. The creators of Brilliant application recommend it for kids starting at age ten and grown-ups of all ages. With the help of this app, you can learn math foundations, data science, high school math, engineering, statistics, and even more. The course will contain lecture videos, interactive solutions to problems, and visualizations. The application’s main aim is to help you understand science using the STEM method, not cramming formulas.

Cost: paid (3-month, annual and group subscriptions)


You won’t feel muscle soreness if you train your brain, but you will be totally excited with the result. This app will be helpful not only to students, as the game allows you to train your logic, concentration, and math. Who said that you don’t need math in life? All new mental efforts create neural connections in your brain, boosting your “think tank.”

Cost: free (in-app purchases of additional levels)


If you are a quiz fan, you will like Quizlet. Here you can both create and use already created quizzes by teachers and students. These exercises will help you extend your dictionary, learn new terms and get ready for the exam. It will work both for remembering how to write and pronounce words. Besides, along with languages, you can pass quizzes about literature, math, psychology, religion, and others to improve your overall development and intelligence.

Cost: free (built-in purchases for extended features)


It’s one of the best language learning applications for Android. Here you can learn lots of languages, from Japanese to Greek. Duolingo appeals to a simple interface and an understandable gaming process of learning. Lessons are based on directly translating foreign words and phrases into your native language and vice versa. You start with essential words, then improve your vocabulary and pass tests to move to the following levels.

Cost: free (in-app purchases to remove ads)

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Rosetta Stone

In contrast to Duolingo, RosettaStone uses another approach to learning languages. It’s less about games and more about the direct studying of phrases, sounds, and dialogues. The application has a TrueAccent feature that checks your pronunciation and helps correct your accent. Besides, you can try out a real-time study option available for a limited list of languages.

Cost: free (paid subscriptions available)

Wrapping Up

So, what application is best to choose? All of them are interactive, interesting, and very useful. It depends on why you need specific skills and how much time you are ready to spend learning something. You can download all on your phone and test applications each day to find one you are comfortable with.

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