Blooket was created by Ben Stewart and is a game-based learning platform that has been creatively curated to benefit students. 

Let's find out what Blooket actually is and what are it's benefits for students as well as for teachers.

What Is Blooket?

Blooket, a game-based platform for students and teachers that encourages them to learn and teach by using either blooket's predefined quiz material or custom-created questions with character-based gaming. 

Blooket Benefits For Students

It promotes collaborative  and independent  learning

Increases the learning efficiency of students

Enable students to learn things in a interactive way

Help students sharpen their visual memories

Blooket Benefits For Teachers

Assist teaching in a interactive and disciplined way

Facilitate formative assessments quickly and easily

Increases student’s curiosity with the subject

Enables systematic ranking for each student

5 Best Competitors & Alternatives of Blooket


Quizz is ranked at #858 on a global scale. It's the best alternative to Blooket with 30M+ Quizzes and Lesson

Although it is not as well-known as, its monetary rewards make this platform stand out from other Blooket options. Students can make money answering questions and earn money absolutely free of charge.

Know More About Blooket, It's Sign-up Process, Creating Question Sets etc.

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