What Is Blooket & Best Blooket Alternatives (Part I)

What Is Blooket? How To Sign Up, Create Question Set, Join Blooket, & More + FAQs (Part I)

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Updated on 29 February, 2024

Blooket is a popular puzzle-based learning platform. Based on current facts, Blooket log in or Blooket sign up has over 8 million monthly users and has almost 5 million registered users.


Blooket originated by Ben Stewart is a game-based learning platform creatively curated for students.

Blooket uses gamification methods to offer immersive learning (majorly through quizzes) to level up classroom engagement.

Blooket was created in 2018 and at present time, millions of students and teachers are using this “learning reimagined” platform. In fact, American schools and other schools across the globe are using this tool to level up classroom engagements.

So, what’s the best thing about Blooket?

How does a blooket work?

In this blog, we together explore everything about Blooket along with some blooket alternatives to try.

Use a table of content to jump to the interest of a topic you want to explore, quickly.

What Is Blooket? 🙂

What is blooket

Blooket is a “fun”, “creative”, and “effective” game-based platform that prompts students and teachers to learn and teach through either using blooket’s pre-defined quiz material or custom-created quizzes with character-based gaming.

Eyeing the website interface and design, primitively, the website is very UI-friendly and well-customed with creative content including cute design and interactive gameplay – surely reflecting the agenda of creating the “Blooket”.


Pros: The learning accrued with quirky games and rewards that develop encouragement among students to play again and again.

Cons: The only drawback of this tool is that it is limited to multiple-choice questions.

What Blooket Log In Offers? 😃

Blooket isn’t just a learning platform, it’s more than this.

For students, Blooket offers immersive learning experiences (say ages 5 to 15) with innovative game modes, alluring themes, customized features, and more.

For teachers, it provides operating benefits such as teaching with fun, effective assessment creation, group and solo teaching, and much more. Additionally, the embedded incentives (earning and spending coins) curve the teaching style in whole new trivia.

Other than this, the tool silently offers many features as follow:

  • Group and solo game playing
  • Interactive animations and themes
  • Tweak game settings with variety of options
  • Buy coins to unlock the premium content
  • Make money (not real) while solving quizzes
  • Compete between students in fun way
  • Create and import question paper
  • Choose game theme from multiple choices

And that’s not the end…

To know more about Blooket, I suggest you try the tool on your own.

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How Does Blooket Work? 🤔

Well, Blooket is slick, easy to use, and at times it’s addictive.

The fun and the ideal part is its game theme; subtle and eye-conscious.

Getting started with Blooket is easy. Without hindering your head 🤯, you can quickly host games and ask students to join through Gamer ID.

Here’s how to get started with Blooket.

How To Use Blooket

1. Login or sign up

In order to create a question paper or invite students to join quizzes, teachers need to create an account and through the dashboard – they can begin the fun!

2. Choose a question set

Blooket is basically a quiz-based game; hence the tool offers a multitude of question papers in different formats and themes. Also, you can create a custom question set, import one, or find a preference in the discover database.

How to create a question set in a blooket?

  • After you login, click on “Create Icon” (appear on the menu)
  • Enter the title of the question set. For eg. Spanish Animal Words
  • Select a cover image either from gallery or upload through URL
  • Choose whether to keep on public or private mode. Then click on “Create”
  • Now choose “Add Question” option
  • Simply, add questions with timer, images, and multiple options.
  • Click on save button to save the question in the database.

3. Select a game mode

After completing adding questions, click on “host” which takes you to the game mode window.

Choose a game mode from the available options. After selecting a game mode, you will be asked to edit in pre-default settings. Do only if you feel so. Then click on “Host Now”.

4. Invite Students

A Gamer ID will be generated and shown on your screen. Send the ID to your students and tell them to enter and join the quiz.

How to join in a blooket?

  • Go to blooket.com/play
  • Paste the gamer ID and press Enter
  • Select your blooket avatar
  • Wait for the game to start

5. Analyze the result

Upon completing the quiz, the teacher can get a detailed report of the result. The tool provides each student’s performance in a detailed format which can be used further to conclude the winner.

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Blooket Game Modes

There are different types of blooket game modes. Some blooket game options are explained below:

1. Gold Quest

Gold Quest Blooket

This blooket game mode is popular and retains a bit of speed and luck. In this, students get questions from the set on their device to answer.

Upon giving the right answer, the student is given a choice of three chests to open. Those who have the most gold at the end of a time limit, will be a winner.

2. Cafe

Cafe Blooket game mode

This blooket game is interesting; it requires speed and focus from the students.

The game theme is restocking your supplies and goods by answering the correct answers of the questions.

The game has a time limit and the winner is determined who has the most cash at the end of the time limit.

3. Factory

Factory Blooket game option

This blooket game is also interesting as it requires students to quickly answer questions with intellect.

When provided with the correct answer, students unlock and upgrade Blooks (the cute little characters, or avatars, in Blooket).

This game is perfect for giving homeworks to students.

4. Battle Royale

Battle Royale in blooket

As the name suggests itself, a battle royale that pairs students to answer questions head to head with a sense of time urgency.

This game can be played as 1 vs 1 or team vs team in the classroom. But this game is not ideal for homework or self paced.

5. Racing

Racing game mode in blooket

This game is both interesting and engaging.

Students need to be quick and accurate to move their Blook ahead in the race.

They get power ups when answered rightly to move forward and finish the race.

Whoever finishes the first, wins the game.

6. Crazy Kingdom

Crazy Kingdom Blooket

This blooket game mode is a bit different from all others.

Usually, this is played individually so it is good for homework.

Students need to answer the questions correctly to keep a kingdom running healthy and fulfilling the guests’ requests at a glance.

7. Tower of Doom

Tower of Doom in Blooket

Similar to Crazy Kingdom because it can only be assigned as homework.

They have to answer questions to collect cards and help to defeat the Blooks to climb the Tower of Doom.

This game mode helps improve students’ confidence and intellect.

8. Classic

Classic Blooket game option

A basic and traditional rules-based game that is much like Kahoot.

Students answer the questions to earn points and climb the leaderboard within the time limit.

This is good for homework and practising individually.


Not all blooket games are hostable and playable. Some blooket games can be played as solo or homework include Tower of Doom and Crazy Kingdom.

The only hostable blooket game modes include Classic, Racing, Battle Royal, Gold Quest, Crypto Hack, Santa’s Workshop, Fishing Frenzy, Candy Quest, Deceptive Dinos, Blook Rush, and Pirates Voyage.

Benefits of Using Blooket For Teachers 👨‍🏫 and Students 👨‍🎓

Blooket is an online tool for teaching and learning.

It is a gamified learning platform where teachers host quiz-style games and students answer on their own devices.

This learning reimagined platform brings several benefits for teachers and students.

Blooket benefits for teachers:

  • Simplified teaching efforts
  • Level up classroom engagement
  • Increases student’s engagement with the subject
  • Enable formative assessment quickly and easily
  • Help teacher to spot intelligent students quickly
  • Assist teaching in a fun and disciplined manner
  • It can be played live or assigned as homework
  • Enables systematic grading for each student

Blooket benefits for students:

  • It encourages independent and collaborative learning
  • Allows students to be proactive in mind
  • It highly increases the learning efficiency of the students
  • Enable students to learn things in a fun way
  • Help students sharpen their visual memories
  • It focuses primitively on motivation
  • Rewards students for their efforts

How To Play Blooket?

Blooket is a fun and engaging learning platform. Learn how to play blooket as a teacher.

1. Login to www.blooket.com

2. Click on Discover Sets option

3. Select the type of sets you want to play.

4. Click on Host to play in a group.

5. Now select a game mode, for example; Gold Quest.

6. Adjust the time limit if any and click on Host Now.

7. Share Game ID to your student and ask them to enter on blooket.com/play

8. Once all the students entered, click on the Start button.

How To Best Use Blooket?

Now it’s time to look at some blooket tips and tricks.

To use the blooket at its full potential, consider doing the following things.

1. Try new changes at priority

The blooket community actively works on developing new creative content to sustain the vision of the platform.

Whenever the community releases new updates, explore them and try to incorporate them into your teaching methods.

2. Set the frequency of speed

There is a saying… Practice brings perfection.

To make students perfect, it is advised to set the speed based on the bars of the student’s capabilities.

The speed acts as a sense of urgency and will tend them to compete against the quiz swiftly.

3. Reward the students for better performance

Blooket also offers rewards to students who complete the quiz with a given objective. Further, those rewards can be used to unlock premium content.

Reward the students who perform better than others. This will not encourage them but also others to anticipate more effectively.

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Best Blooket Alternatives 🧐

Looking for more choices to cater teaching and learning in a fun and exciting way.

Here are the best five Blooket alternatives to explore:

1) Quizizz.com

Quizizz best blooket alternative

Quizz stands at #858 ranking on a global scale. It is the best alternative to blooket. Quizz offers more features and options than blooket does.


  • 30M+ Quizzes and Lessons
  • Trusted by teachers in 86% of U.S. Schools
  • Quickly search anything in your curriculum

2) Gimkit.com

Gimkit site like blooket

Well, not as popular as Quizz.com but its monetary rewards make it unique from other blooket alternatives. Absolutely free to use, students can earn money while answering the questions.


  • Always new ways to play
  • Earn money while answer
  • Assign task as homework

3) Getepic.com

Getepic blooket competitor

Getepic is dominating the online market with its digital library assets.

It provides digital audiobooks, video content, and books based on age categorization.

It has 75 million students and teachers, 1 billion reads a year, and an extremely parent-friendly interface makes it the best blooket alternative to try.


  • Free and paid subscription module
  • Best for parent and teachers
  • Huge glossary of books and more

4) Edpuzzle.com

edpuzzle blooket like site

Extensively curated for students, it offers video-based learning with questions to test your skill and provide grades accordingly.

The tool provides comprehensive learning to students based on class and subject.


  • Over 30 million video resources to learn from
  • The platform has 2.6 million teachers
  • Predominately used in more than 190 countries

5) OutLearn

Outlearn best blooket alternatives

OutLearn is a different kind of educational portal, however, it does offer fun learning.

It is a free-to-use platform developed for students by students. You can learn the anatomy of the human body, mathematics, and what not – you are eager to learn.


  • Prompt fast learning
  • Learn visuals using Image occlusion
  • Use latex to write faster

Conclusion: Blooket Review

Blooket is a convenient quiz tool to make learning fun and better. In the age of competitive schooling, Blooket gamification takes centre stage to enhance the learning of kids.

The platform is good for parents and teachers to cater learning in a fun way. Thus, learning made easy with Blooket.

Have you used Blooket before? If not, go ahead, try today.

You can also try Blooket alternatives in case you are in search of more.

And don’t forget to tell us your experience on Blooket sign up guide. 👍


Frequently Asked Questions

When was Blooket made?

Blooket, a highly-acceptable online learning platform was created by Ben Stewart in 2018.

Is blooket free or paid?

Blooket is free forever but it does offer various pricing called Plus and Plus Flex in order to experience the full potential of the tool.

How to sign up at Blooket?

The signing-up process is very easy. Blooket provides you with two-way signup disciplines either via Google or Email with no wait time.

How much does Blooket cost?

Blooket have three pricing plans called “Starter @ free of cost”, “Plus @ $2.99”, and “Plus Flex @ $4.99”

What is the rarest blook in blooket?

The King is a legendary and the rarest blook having a 1% chance of getting one per box.

Is there any site like Blooket?

Blooket is not the only fun and game-based learning platform in today’s voyage. There are many blooket alternatives available online. Continue reading to know the blooket alternatives.

How to get all blooks in blooket?

You have to do some technical walkthrough to get all (or unlock all) blooks in the blooket game. To do this, sign in to GitHub and search for Glixerz/Blooket-Hacks and select the Get All Blooks option and copy and paste the code. You must be Blooket log in first to play the game on blooket.

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