What Is ChatGPT-4? New Features, How To Use & More!

GPT-4 was officially announced on March 13, as was confirmed ahead of time by Microsoft, even though the exact day was unknown. As of now, however, it's only available in the ChatGPT Plus paid subscription.

What Is ChatGPT-4?

ChatGPT 4 or GPT 4 is an upgraded version of ChatGPT that uses GPT-3 large language models.

New Features Of GPT-4

-The updated model is 10 times faster than its GPT-3. -Capable of solving difficult problems with greater accuracy. -GPT-4 model can also process visual content   

Getting Started With ChatGPT 4

– Visit the official ChatGPT website. – Login using your credentials. – Click on “Upgrade to plus” from the sidebar. – Click on “Upgrade plan” button – Complete the payment.

How Is GPT-4 Different From GPT-3?

-GPT-4 is 10 times faster. -Better understand context  -Prompt up to 25,000 words  -Code a computer game  -Integration with Duolingo can happen 

Limitations Of GPT-4

The prime limitations of GPT-4 that are announced by the community are ‘social biases’, ‘hallucinations’, and ‘adversarial prompts’.

GPT-4 is not launched as a new product or service though, the company has announced that they will bring updates to the software called ChatGPT which runs on GPT-3 model. To get the detail info click on the link below