What Is Runway Motion Brush & How To USe

What Is Runway Motion Brush?

Runway Motion Brush developed by the Runway’s AI research professionals is an online AI-based editing tool that creates metamorphose static images into dynamic narratives.

Users can also use Runway motion brush to generate video using text, image or both. To get started with ‘Motion Brush’ – visit the “app.runwayml.com/ai-tools/ai-tools/gen-2” website url.

How To Use Runway Motion Brush?

-Login -Upload a picture -Draw and highlight -Camera controls -Generate and save

Following are the possibilities of technologies working behind Runway’s AI magic tools

– Generative AI – Neural network – Mathematical formula – Natural language processing – Diffusion model

Runway Motion Brush Pricing

Free Plan: Offers upto 125 credits Standard plan: $15 pm and 625 credits pm Pro plan: $35 pm and 2250 credits pm Unlimited plan: $95 pm and unlimited video generators 

Tips To Scale-Up Your Creativity With Runway Motion Brush

-Use High Quality Image -Keep Brush Stroke Small -Apply Brush With Mindset -Use Of Small Prompt -Use “Image + Description” mode

Runway motion brush or AI motion brush gradually makes the still objects moving – like it’s happening in real life. Click on the link below to know more