What Is Runway Motion Brush? How To Use + 5 Tips

What Is Runway Motion Brush? How To Use AI Motion Brush + 5 Tips!

by Alex Noah — 3 months ago in Artificial Intelligence 5 min. read

Runway motion brush is a new AI magic tool developed by the RunwayML for independent artists to use machine learning in a new way to give life to their creativity.

Runway motion brush or AI motion brush gradually makes the still objects moving – like it’s happening in real life.

The tool is publicly released under Runway Gen-2 research, incorporating AI tools for global brands, enterprises and creatives.

Let’s explore everything we know about Runway motion brush.

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What Is Runway Motion Brush?

Motion Brush By Runway

Source: Runwayml

Runway Motion Brush (RMB) developed by the Runway’s AI research professionals is an online AI-based editing tool that creates metamorphose static images into dynamic narratives at a click of a button.

It uses machine learning algorithms together with associated technologies to create motion-based, short-duration video from high-quality images.

Users can also use Runway motion brush to generate video using text, image or both. To get started with ‘Motion Brush’ – visit the “app.runwayml.com/ai-tools/ai-tools/gen-2” website url.

How To Use Runway Motion Brush?

Creating ‘Wow-like’ images is easy with Motion Brush, here’s what you need to do:

1. Login: Sign in to Runway Gen-2 website using Google or any other.

2. Upload a picture: Upload your picture from your device to begin. Runway can be accessed on both web and mobile.

3. Draw and highlight: Use Motion brush on your image by selecting a part of the object you want in motion.

4. Camera controls: Use camera control to narrate the artificial intelligence which way you want things to move – up, down, left, or right.

5. Generate and save: Click on the Generate button and wait till the process is finished, hardly 60 seconds. Tap on the ‘Play’ button to play the video. Use the download button to save offline.

That’s all. You’ve created a moving picture without coding and waiting hours, thanks to Runway motion brush.

What’s Technology Behind Runway Motion Brush?

It is not the first time that we witness Artificial Intelligence’s potential in image generation and design.

Runway motion brush uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to understand the user’s prompt and react to the outcomes.

Following are the possibilities of technologies working behind Runway’s AI magic tools:

  • Generative AI
  • Neural networks
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Natural language processing
  • Diffusion models

Might be more technologies involved in Runway motion brush and Runway’s AI magic tools used for generating videos, images, slow motion videos, upscaling images, enhancing images, etc.

Does AI Motion Brush Make Any Difference In Creativity?

Yes, AI motion brush from Runway Gen-2 tools can expand the horizon of creativity at a glance.

I mean now anything can be possible through artificial intelligence. There is merely a need for manual working to resize, upscale, remove objects, green screen, and moving objects since AI is doing this job, quickly and accurately.

  • AI tools can automate repetitive tasks. It allows designers to focus on more creative aspects of their work.
  • AI algorithms can generate good ideas and designs, acting as creative collaborators for designers.
  • AI can examine potential cause in design early in the process that leads to reducing the risk of costly errors.

Motion Brush is an example of how artificial intelligence advances creativity. Realistic and moving images at fingertip just a click of a button away.


Runway Motion Brush Features And Pricing


It makes still images moving through artificial intelligence.

It can move anything from cars, birds, and animals to humans and clouds and whatnot.

Adjust camera angle to make moving slow or faster as required.


Free: Best for beginners to learn and understand the working of Runway’s AI magic tools. Free plan offers up to 125 credits.

Standard plan: Best for an individual or small team. Pricing starts at S15 per month. It offers 625 credits every month.

Pro plan: Best for marketers and designers. Pricing starts at $35 per month. It offers 2250 credits per month.

Unlimited: Best for professionals and large workforce enterprises. Pricing starts at $95 per month. It provides unlimited video generators.

5 Tips To Scale-Up Your Creativity With Runway Motion Brush

Runway motion brush is exciting in itself. Here are some recommendations you can consider to bring creativity in your work.

1. Use High Quality Images

To get best outcomes from your moving image, upload a hyper-realistic, high-resolution image. You can consider Midjourney AI or DALL-2 for high quality AI image generation.

The reason is that these images are deeply textured and look so hyper realistic. It is quietly impossible to find on the internet as well.

2. Keep Brush Stroke Small

The size of the brush stroke plays an important role among any others. Keep your brush stroke small (not so small) but not wide in size. It helps you choose the object clearly without any errors or compilation.

3. Apply Brush With Mindset

You have to be precise while applying brush on your object. Look out for the direction you hover on the object along with the range and distortion.

It would be good if you think for a moment and let you plan what objects you want to move.

4. Use Of Small Prompt

You can use prompt instead of using brush to make images move.

Do use small prompts because it helps tools better understand your thoughts. Longer prompts with inaccurate ideas and thoughts could make your image less-than-stellar.

5. Use “Image + Description” mode

This is the best combination I have found and used so many times for my moving images to look amazing.

This is really helpful for me and would help you a lot. You basically upload an image and select the area and then prompt a text, to magic happen, that’s all.

Final Thought

Runway motion brush is a great tool that aims to make images move. And it is doing so greatly. There are already many individuals, freelancers, social media personalities, and commercials using this tool.

Before ending this blog, here’s how to get started with Runway motion brush:

  • Get started with either uploading an image or start with text.
  • Increase and decrease the intensity of motion in your video.
  • Put values into camera motion to define the intensity of the camera movement.
  • Use a magic brush on the object and brush over it and click on save button.

That’s all in this blog… thanks for reading 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Runway motion brush launched?

Runway introduced Motion Brush feature in Gen-2 in March 2023. This gradually adds controlled movement to your generations.

How much does Runway’s Gen-2 cost?

There are various pricing plans to access Runway’s Gen-2 magic tools. The standard plan costs $12 per user per month. The pro plan cost $35 per month and $95 per month for unlimited plans.

Where can I access Runway motion brush?

Runway Gen-2 can be accessed on the web as well as iOS devices. Download RunwayML app on iPhone from the Apple App Store.

Can I use Gen-2 generations commercially?

Yes, users can use videos and images generated from RunwayML tools for commercial use like social media posts, affiliate posts or any other.

Who can use Runway Gen-2 tools?

Runway Gen-2 tools comprises a range of AI magical tools like motion brush, video to video, text to image, 3D texture, and more. These tools can be useful in AI art design, 3D texture, AI and art videos generation for people involved in UI design, graphic design, website development, and more.

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