How To  Use Resolver  For Xbox? 

And It’s Alternatives

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xResolver is a great invention tool, but

did you know that gamers and hackers could use this tool to identify your IP address and location without letting you be aware of breaches?

Hackers target Xbox gamertags and PS usernames to breach the gameplay experiences. 

It is critically important

to secure your Xbox gamertag and IP address. But how to do that? What tool should to use? 

Use xResolver

xResolver is a great tool to alter gamertags and IP addresses. Visit to blacklist your IP to make it safe from hacker’s prey.

Other than xResolver, you can use xResolver alternatives to grab the IP address of your opponents irrespective of various gaming consoles. 

xresolver alternatives

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Xbox Booter


All These Tools Let You...

pull IP addresses of other gamertags, and you can even boot players offline.


your gamertag or username to an unknown person. If possible try to change  your Xbox gamertag occasionally.