Best XResolver Alternatives To Find Out IP Addresses (May 2024)

What Is xResolver? How To Use xResolver For Xbox? [Top 3 Alternatives + FAQs]

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Updated on 08 May 2024

In the world of technological advancement, it is easier to take help tools like xResolver alternatives to find gamer id tag, username, etc.

Looking for xResolver alternatives? Sites like xResolver for your gameplay? Read this guide to learn everything about xResolver working.

Quick facts about xResolver:

  • Its a web-based tool
  • It shows the opponent gamer’s IP address
  • It can read gamertag and location
  • Gamers and hackers are its ideal users

xResolver is a great invention tool, but do you know 🤔 that gamers and hackers could use this tool to identify your IP address and location without letting you be aware of breaches?

Read this blog to know how to use xResolver, how to blacklist your data, xResolver alternatives, and frequently asked questions.

xResolver fact

xBox and PlayStation being one of the dominant tech-gaming gadgets.

Though the majority of gamers are on desktop bases, still many game-geeks and as well (hackers) play games on xbox and PSN.

Oh! Did I mention ‘hacker’… it is because xbox gamers have been facing a lot of data breaching issues while playing games on Xbox and PSN.

Alteration in gamertags, username, and IP address are some examples of the above statement.

This is where most of the gamers community use xResolver xbox tool to blacklist themselves (generally their IP address and other records) from the database so as to minimize the obstruction of breaching done by hackers or malevolence.

So, how you could prevent tracing of gamertags and username from hackers?

The simplest answer is by altering your gamertags and username into a distinct format so it makes it difficult for hackers to trace in one or hundreds of thousands of attempts.

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What Is xResolver? 🤔

What is xResolver

xResolver is an online software (web-based tool) that shows the opponent gamer’s IP address, username, and location along with yours.

Many gamers observed this software as an offensive database because the website is controversial and doesn’t fit everyone’s liking.

However, the tool is built with a positive agenda and in the past few months xResolver Xbox comes with amazing, new features.

xResolver Features:

  • Identifying geographical location: Users can check their as well others geo using the feature called ‘Premium Geo IP’ is a Geo IP Lookup service which is cooperatively provided by the Internet Service Provider itself.
  • Xbox and PlayStation resolver: xResolver Xbox consists of a bunch of exciting features for Xbox and PS users. This particular resolver helps users to change their gamertags into unique and secured IP addresses to prevent breach.
  • Obtain others IP address via IP logger: This is the most electrifying feature you will find ever. Through IP logger, a registered user can create a custom link and send it to another person to derive an IP address. Additionally, premium features give more hands to try and have fun.
  • Black listing personal IP address: In the event that you want to remove your data from database. Go to the “Remove Data” section and blacklist your username, IP address, and location along with other records from their web.

What Does xResolver Do? 🤨

What xResolver can do

There is no doubt in saying that it is a prettier tool and packed with amazing features provided to xBox gamers and PS players.

Basically, stores publicly available data such as IP addresses and their association ties with gamertags.

As gamertags are sensitive data, it is important to safeguard your Xbox gamertags or PS ID from hackers.

Using this tool, provides a covering layer to your Gamertags and IP address by making it distinctive, as a result, hard to breach and dig.

Additionally, uses thousands of bots to scrape data and access users information such as network connection details, location, IP and OS info to extend their large database.

It is very important to protect this information from hackers, thus, using xResolver’s DDOS protection plan you get complete protection while you play games on Xbox or PSN.

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How To Use xResolver For Xbox and PlayStation? 😀

Primarily, xResolver web-based tool is built for Xbox and PS users. The interface lets users get the benefits of resolvers (changing IP address). This indicates that users can buy xresolver xbox and xresolver ps5.

Steps to use xResolver for Xbox and PlayStation games:

1. Visit the official homepage of

homepage of xResolver com

2. Select “Xbox Resolver” or “PlayStation Resolver” on the left-side menu. Choose the one to continue

choose the option

3. Enter your Xbox Gamertag or IP address on the illustrated box. Click on the “Resolve” button and the job is done.

Enter your Xbox Gamertag or IP address

How To Blacklist Yourself on xResolver? (Most Asked Query)

Blacklist Yourself on xResolver

Tempting yourself to know how to blacklist your IP address and associated data from xbox.

In this section, you will learn step-by-step blacklisting of your personal IP address.

Blacklisting means removing your IP address, username, and gamertags data from the database permanently. You would be required to pay a small amount of fees to do so.

Here’s how to do:

  • Open the xResolver web application on your smartphone or computer.
  • Click on the option “Remove Data” to proceed for the blacklisting process.
  • Choose your gaming console and provide the information that may be asked.
  • Now, either purchase using “credit or debit card” or “CashApp” to complete the blacklisting payment process.

Upon successful payment, your data from their database will be removed. Search for ‘xResolver blacklist link’ on the search engine to begin the blacklisting process quickly.

Best xResolver Alternatives To Use 🤩

xResolver alternatives tool is free but with limited accessibility, to use it with full potential, you have to try ‘premium access’.

xResolver premium access gives you:

  • Unlimited resolving
  • Blacklist on both Xbox and PS
  • Reveal the IPv4/IPv6 of users
  • More Storage limits for IP Logger & IP Storage

However, you can use xResolver alternatives if this tool doesn’t suit you well. 👇


Following are the best xResolver alternatives to grab the IP address of your opponents irrespective of various gaming consoles.

1. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Always free to use, works offline and online, and compatible with cross-platform devices makes Lanc Remastered PCPS all time best xResolver alternative to sniff and pull IP address from Xbox and PSN live gaming session.

The software has been used by 1.5 million users and incorporates 15+ IP puller tools to use for free.

What we liked: ✔️

  • No registration and no payment required
  • Simple installation and easy to use
  • Fast gamertag IP puller

What we don’t like: ❌

  • Additional software to install
  • Take time to resolve problem

2. OctoSniff


Offered by xResolver, OctoSniff is an IP sniffer and game connection optimizing tool that comes in two modes: “Free-Trial” and “Buy”. Users can use free-trial to test the tool accessibility with its full strength features.

After the trial period, users need to buy the software that has two pricing plans ‘Standard at $19.99’ and ‘Ultimate at $29.99’ using either Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

What we liked: ✔️

  • Supports PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox all models, and Windows
  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface
  • 100% malware free

What we don’t like: ❌

  • High price

3. Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter

Xbox booter is dedicatedly designed for Xbox fanatics is a free-to-use IP pulling and grabbing software that boot other players online and offline.

The software lets you install the best VPN to get the benefits of the application that it may offer.

What we liked: ✔️

  • The performance, usability, and price
  • Best VPN for gamers at a good discounted price
  • Let gamers to boot people offline

What we don’t like: ❌

  • Slow website
  • Typical process
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Conclusion 😃

That’s all in this blog.

It is important to secure your Xbox gamertag and hide IP address while playing games on PSN from hackers or someone intended to do wrong things.

It is advised to not share your gamertag or username to an unknown person. If possible try to change your Xbox gamertag occasionally. Thanks fore checking out xResolver alternatives, go ahead… try one of them now.

Frequently Asked Questions About xResolver Alternatives

Is it legal to use xResolver?

It is legal to use xResolver because the information available on the website is publicly available data and not violating any legal laws and amendments, including the U.S.

Is xResolver free to use?

Yes, xResolver is free to use , however, to use some advanced features like blacklisting and sniffing take some charges. The software also offers premium services.

How to use xResolver for Xbox?

Use your Xbox gamertag on the xResolver website to change gamertag into a unique IP address. Additionally, you can also use other gamers' gamertags to know their IP address and location.

How to use xResolver alternative for PlayStation?

xResolver’s PlayStation Resolver is a tool by which PS players can alter their username to IP address or IP address to username.

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