New List Of Sanrio Characters Names & Fun Facts!

Explained: Most Popular Sanrio Characters Across The World + (Fun Facts!)

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Previously, I wasn’t aware of Sanrio Characters until my friend told me about it.

Since then it has piqued my interest and made me curious to learn more about these beloved characters made by Sanrio.

In simple terms, these are a collection of adorable characters created by the Japanese company Sanrio.

They are most popular around the globe and used for varying purposes such as animation and video games, theme parks, collaborations, and merchandise.


Sanrio was founded in 1960 and their first character was a little white rubber-tipped pencil eraser in the shape of a strawberry called Strawberry Milk.

Sanrio is best known for Hello Kitty, a little white cat who has become a global icon. It was created in 1974 and does not have a mouth, which according to the creators allows people to project their own feelings onto her.

There are many characters being very popular alongside Hello Kitty, with varying hue, virtues, and characteristics.


The purpose of this blog is to inform new Sanrio fans about the most popular Sanrio characters. This article entails a journey through the delightful world of Sanrio.

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The Most Popular Sanrio Characters

Gratifying, fascinating, and enduring most popular characters from the Sanrio world are discussed with fun facts.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Sanrio Character

Designed by: Yuko Shimizu

Sanrio is best known for Hello Kitty, originated in 1974 and made millions of people spellbind with its cute pink bow and button nose. It is also known for cuteness overloaded characters.

It looks like a cat, however, it’s not, despite her feline appearance. The company has started this character as a human girl, ultimately capturing girls’ audience on a global scale.

Hello Kitty fun facts you unheard:

  • Hello Kitty was named a Japanese Ambassador for Tourism (for Hong Kong and China) in 2008.
  • She also lacks a mouth, allowing people to project their own feelings onto her.

My Melody

My Melody sanrio characters List

Designed by: Yasuko Matsumoto

Its name may intrigue you to remember your crush (haaa!) is another beloved Sanrio character. She looks innocent and sweet little rabbit who loves to bake and make new friends.

Created in 1975 (year after Hello Kitty creation) and has been a staple of Sanrio merchandise ever since. East Asia and Latin America are the heart of My Melody’s sweetness and popularity.

My Melody fun facts you unheard:

  • She’s always sporting a bright red or pink hood that covers her ears.
  • My Melody is known for her positive personality, honesty, and friendly nature.
Did you know?

There are hundreds of Sanrio characters, many of which are anthropomorphic animals like My Melody, a cute bunny rabbit, and Pompompurin, a golden puppy dog.


Gudetama sanrio characters

Designed by: Emi Nagashima

Often, referring to a lazy egg that is seen lounging around or sleeping. It is a bit of an oddball in the Sanrio universe.

Constantly portrayed with a tired and apathetic expression, combining “gudegude” which means lazy and “tamago” which means egg.

Gudetama fun facts you unheard:

  • Gudetama became popular because fans saw the character as relatable.
  • Gudetama isn’t as popular as Hello Kitty, but certainly profitable.


Cinnamoroll character by Sanrio

Designed by: Miyuki Okumura

Cinnamoroll is an adorable character by its appearance, embodies cuteness, friendship, and a touch of whimsy which makes it a favorite for many.

It was introduced a long time after Hello Kitty and The Melody character success in 2001, providing fans with a new Sanrio characters list. As he loves cinnamon rolls, its name is given after it.

Cinnamoroll fun facts you unheard:

  • Cinnamoroll can actually fly by flapping them like wings.
  • Cinnamoroll’s favorite food isn’t actually cinnamon rolls! He prefers simple meals like rice balls.


Pompompurin Sanrio Character

Designed by: Sanrio’s own talented pool of creators

Pompompurin is observed as a golden retriever dog who loves to eat and nap. Known for his laid-back personality and love of all things soft and sweet.

When it comes to food, he adores milk and especially loves his mama’s homemade cream caramel pudding. Sparkingly, the character’s popularity extends beyond merchandise. He even starred in two short anime features in 2001.

Pompompurin fun facts you unheard:

  • Sanrio often uses him as their mascot for international events, showcasing his global appeal.
  • Sanrio features him on their social media platforms, allowing fans to connect with this adorable character.
Did you know?

Sanrio characters are popular all over the world and can be found on a wide variety of merchandise, including clothing, stationery, and toys.


Badtz-Maru Character by Sanrio

Designed by: Hisato Inoue

Flaunt, mischievous and punk rock penguin from the world of Sanrio characters. Completely covered with his jet black feathers, spiky hair, and a perpetually unimpressed expression.

Disguised as a bad guy, his ultimate goal is to be the boss and being a reason for its popularity. Besides, he was even the official mascot for the 2006 FIBA World Championship of basketball held in Japan.

Badtz-Maru fun facts you unheard:

  • Sanrio themselves described him as their first “not nice” character.
  • He secretly loves his mama’s cooking and enjoys spending time with his friends.


Happy Kuromi sanrio character

Designed by: Yuko Yamaguchi

Somewhat similar to Badtz-Maru in terms of rebellious personality. Although, she is a popular Sanrio character known for her dark aesthetic.

She was introduced in the global market in 2005, making her one of the newer Sanrio characters. Speaking of his story, she was once a prisoner who escaped from Maryland, the place where My Melody lives.

Kuromi fun facts you unheard:

  • Kuromi’s unique blend of sweetness, rebellion, and a touch of mystery.
  • Forget carrots, Kuromi’s favorite food is actually shallots, a type of onion.

Tuxedo Sam

Holding Red Balloon Tuxedo Sam sanrio characters

Designed by: Minoru Tsunoda

Well observed and known for his refined style and sophisticated air. He from Tuxedo Sam hails from Tuxedo Island in Antarctica, well-educated and even studied abroad in England.

People love him because of his friendly personality and getting along with everyone he meets. Tuxedo Sam debuted in 1979, making him one of Sanrio’s older characters.

Tuxedo Sam facts you unheard:

  • Tuxedo Sam is said to have a hidden artistic talent.
  • His sophisticated style and friendly demeanor resonate with fans around the world.
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Commonly Asked Questions About Sanrio Characters

Which is the global popular sanrio character icon?

Without a doubt, Sanrio is best known for Hello Kitty, a little white cat who has become a global icon. Another reason for its popularity is a significant example of kawaii culture.

Where are sanrio characters used?

Sanrio characters are popular all over the world. This benefits the company with a great number of audiences around the world. Particularly, these characters are used on a wide variety of merchandise, including clothing, stationery, and toys.

Who is the OG sanrio character?

Coro Chan is the first original character from the universe of Sanrio. He is portrayed as a gentle and laid-back bear.

Who is the depressed Sanrio character?

The depressed Sanrio character you’re most likely thinking of is Gudetama among all other Sanrio characters list. Besides, he represents a more chill and indifferent personality type.

Who are the main characters in Sanrio?

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Badtz-Maru, Kuromi, and Tuxedo Sam are the main characters in Sanrio world.

Other Sanrio Characters (But Known Lessly)

Regardless of popular Sanrio characters, underneath are relevant companion Sanrio characters’ names with their unique skills.

Sanrio Characters Names Description
My Melody Known for her sweetness and iconic red hood
My Sweet Piano A white piano with a friendly face and a love for music
Nyago A mischievous black cat with a love for fish and causing a little trouble
Pandapple A cheerful panda cub with a love for apples and playing sports
Pankunchi A mischievous red panda who loves pranks and video games
Pannapitta A gentle and kind alpaca known for her love of knitting and fluffy wool
Patapatapeppy In group, penguins known for their synchronized swimming
Patty & Jimmy A pair of beavers known for their strong work ethic and teamwork
Pekkle An adventurous little hamster with a big appetite and a love for exploring
Pochacco A laid-back beagle pup known for his love of naps and donuts
Pompompurin A golden retriever pup with a love of napping, sweet treats, and collecting shoes
Spottie Dottie A playful puppy covered in colorful spots who loves to play fetch
Strawberry King A jolly strawberry character who loves to share his sweetness with everyone
Sugarbunnies A group of adorable bunnies known for their love of sweets
Sugarbunnies A shy and gentle little hamster known for his love of collecting acorns
Tuxedosam A charming penguin known for friendly personality
Usahana A playful rabbit with long ears who loves to make new friends
Wish Me Mell A cute little blue cat with a star on its belly

Important Note: This information is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have specific questions about Sanrio’s copyrights or legal actions, it’s best to consult with an intellectual property lawyer.

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FAQs About Sanrio Characters

Still have questions? Read the following answers to eliminate your doubts on all sanrio characters.

Who is Hello Kitty's crush?

Based on fan made content, she has a crush on Dear Daniel and Melody is her best friend.

Who is Hello Kitty's boyfriend?

Speaking straightforwardly, Dear Daniel is a childhood friend of Hello Kitty and her boyfriend.

Who is Kuromi's boyfriend?

Kuromi doesn't have an official boyfriend in the Sanrio universe. Sanrio characters typically avoid romantic relationships.

Where are sanrio characters from?

Sanrio characters are created by the Sanrio company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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