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The Next Tech is a news-consumption destination for everyone who is interested in reading tech news, updates, trends, articles and more. Our audience includes techies and non-techies belonging to multiple industries, which makes it the right place to guest-post for tech companies and businesses.

Why Guest Post with us?

We appreciate bloggers and businesses with good and valuable content to publish their content with us. In return, we promote your content through our website and all social media channels. With TheNextTech, you can reach out to a wider audience who are actively and eagerly waiting to read great tech content.

The Next Tech allows guest bloggers to add up to 2 do-follow links redirecting to their blog, website or post. The better and promising content you will provide, the higher are the chances of your links getting clicks.

Who Should Post at The Next Tech?

Right and legit question indeed.

Our answer will be – Everyone, who belongs to the following categories, should publish guest posts with us –

  • Those, who want to increase their brand’s reach.
  • Those, who want to reach out to technology enthusiasts.
  • Those, who want to tell their story and think that our audience will be the best to hear them.

How to Post with us?

It is simple to guest post with us, but first, please read about us, to understand what we publish. It will help you choose the right topic and content idea.

You have to follow this process:

  1. Sign up with The Next Tech and fill all the mandatory details in the form. You will get a confirmation email, just click on the link to confirm your identity.
  2. Complete your user profile. Fill bio, add a photo, and provide other details as asked on our website. Save details and now you are ready to guest post on our website.
  3. You can now add your post directly to our website. Make sure that you are submitting the final version of the post and not a draft. It is necessary because about editors will approve or disapprove your content after you submit. So, follow all the guidelines properly.

As soon as you submit the post at The Next Tech, it enters our moderation system and checked manually by our team. To get it approved, you should follow our rules and tips carefully (as given in the next section).

Note: You can also become a regular contributor at The Next Tech if you want. Just keep coming up with awesome content and publish as many posts as you want.

Rules and Tips for Publishing

We are equal-opportunity publishers. If your content is great, consider it published. Make sure to –

  • Write error-free, plagiarism-free and well-structured post.
  • Make use of correct facts, grammar, and spellings.
  • Pick the subject or topic which is in trending and which matches the type of stuff we publish.
  • Avoid spam or broken links in the content.
  • Add just one or two do-follow links and required no-follow links to improve the reliability of your content.
  • Add copyright-free images of high-resolution (at least 1).

Once you submit your post with us, give us some time to review your content and its scope. Our editors receive so many publishing requests, so we will queue your post for publishing once it is reviewed properly.

If there are slight changes in the post or you forgot to follow some of our guidelines, we will let you know about it so that you could correct it. To save time for both the parties, it will be better to double-check your content as per our guidelines.

You will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of your content. If not approved by us, you may publish your post wherever you want.


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