FedEx Shipment Exception: What To Do & How To Handle It?

What Does “FedEx Shipment Exception” Status Mean? What To Do & How To Handle It?

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FedEx shipment exception temporarily delayed shipment due to uncontrolled circumstances. Such a thing may result in delayed shipment arrival.

👉 “Holidays” are the most common cause for FedEx shipment exceptions.

👉 The reasons could be inclement weather, a natural disaster, or the customer’s fault.

👉 Contact FedEx customer service to resolve shipment exception errors.

FedEx freight ships thousands of shipments per day and out of which some get “shipment exception” status error to the customers.

Shipment exception Fedex error occurred during live shipment or tracking of the product and this happens due to unavoidable situations.

In this situation, wait until the shipment exception is cleared from the FedEx side. Or, if it’s taking a long time, you can contact support to know more about the details.

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What Is FedEx Shipment Exception?

“Shipment Exception” status in the FedEx app refers to being temporarily delayed while in transit. Unconditional weather, a natural disaster, a vehicle concern such as flat tire, or customer’s fault like wrong address or ZIP code can lead to showing shipment exception error on your tracking details.

However, FedEx is a recognizable freight organization, and it attempts three time delivery execution in the light of dramatic events such as FedEx delay or shipment exception cases.

How Long Does “Shipment Exception” Status Last On FedEx?

Some examples that leads to FedEx shipment exception include:

  • Strikes
  • Holidays
  • Custom delays
  • Bad weather
  • Missing documentation
  • Security restrictions
  • Wrong address for delivery
  • Undeliverable ZIP code services
  • Or, no one was there to receive your package at delivery.

Usually, the FedEx shipment exception is resolved in a couple of hours. But for instance bad weather and disaster situations, it can take days to reattempt delivery.

However, you can ask for a refund in case the package isn’t delivered due to shipment exceptions.

7 Causes For FedEx Shipment Exceptions

Common Causes For Shipping Exceptions
Common causes for FedEx shipping exceptions

Following are the explanations of the common causes of shipment exceptions:

Incorrect Address 🏠

If your shipment exception happens due to an incorrect address, it means that your package is sent to an incorrect address due to an error in the address information provided.

Usually, omitting the required information or mistakenly typed wrong information can lead to an address delivery exception.

Missing Labels 🏷️

Your package is plunged with label information that helps the carrier to inform delivery location and others. In case, a label missed or damaged due to any reason directly leads to shipping exception error.

Whenever a shipping exception occurred due to a missing label. FedEx postponed the delivery schedule and reattempted to deliver with a new label imprint on the package.

Holiday Closure 📅

FedEx group of services usually don’t operate on holidays. You can expect closure of FedEx services including delivery “on day before Independence day”, “day after Independence day”, “Labor day”, “Christmas day”, and “Memorial day”.

If your delivery schedule for these days, usually they show FedEx shipment exception status. However, no need to panic as you get your order on the working days.

Vehicle Issue 🚘

For delivery, FedEx uses eco-friendly vehicles for last-mile delivery. If your package is shown for delivery, this means that the package is currently on a FedEx vehicle and is being delivered to its intended destination.

But sometimes, during this process, FedEx can show you shipping exceptions due to vehicle issues like flat tires or something else. In this concern, FedEx sincerely works hard to deliver your package as soon as possible.

Weather Conditions 🌧

Bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, or extreme temperature imperfectly cause shipping exceptions and lead to longer estimated delivery dates.

Package delivery delay due to this reason would generally take longer days to finish the delivery process. Advised to not place order during wildfires, floods, and tornadoes, can result in shipping exceptions.

Customs Delays 🕒

The last common reason for shipment exception could be because customs delays happen when your package is held at customs for a longer period than anticipated for reasons to be specified like lack or inaccuracy of customs information.

At that time, it becomes very important to provide accurate details in order to clear customs from the stations to proceed to the delivery process. Shipment exceptions with this cause typically take days to resolve.

What To Do When FedEx Shows “Delivery Exception” On Tracking?

When you see a delivery exception status on your package, the right thing to do is contacting FedEx support immediately so they can help you with the possible solution.

Besides, contacting to the support, you can also:

  • Do nothing and wait for a few hours for shipment exceptions to change automatically.
  • Chat with FedEx representative to gather updates on shipment exception cause and estimated delivery process.
  • Set up tracking alerts and delivery notifications to get the most recent updates for your order process.

Here’s how to enable shipment status notification for your FedEx delivery.

how to enable shipment status notification
How to enable shipment status notification

Common “FedEx Delivery Exception” Status Code

Whenever you experience a delivery exception for your order, FedEx bookkeeping these errors status via code. Mentioned are some common delivery exception status code you may have seen while tracking order details.

Commitment Not Due/Not Attempted

The “Commitment not due/not attempted” happens occasionally which means FedEx has your order but might not deliver it immediately. Waiting for the commitment delivery date before delivering the package.

Transfer of Custodial Control

When FedEx shows delivery status as “Transfer of Custodial Control” it means that there has been an internal exchange of your package. As soon as this issue is resolved your package shoots for delivery immediately.

Release Signature on File

The “Release Signature on File” is a critical status update on your delivery process. Basically, FedEx releases the package to the carrier when they receive a release signature authorized by the sender/recipient themselves.


Whenever you see the “PMX” status on your delivery from FedEx. It means that the delivery driver returned the parcel to the warehouse. This may have happened because of the wrong address or because the delivery recipient had been unavailable.

Difference Between FedEx Delays & Shipment Exception

Many of you have taken the meaning of FedEx potential delays and Shipment Exception FedEx as even. But they have distinct meanings and implications.

FedEx Delays holds the shipping process and estimates the delivery schedule until the issue gets resolved. It is generally associated with mechanism problems or unforeseen circumstances.

Shipment Exception, on the other hand, can occur at any stage or progress of shipment in transit. It incubates address issues, customs clearance problems, and damaged or lost packages.

In both scenarios, customers get delayed delivery and refund in case delivery attempts fail multiple times.

Final Thought

In the end, the FedEx shipment exception doesn’t mean that your order won’t be delivered. However, based on the nature of shipment exceptions, it takes time.

I hope this blog helped you in the right way to learn about the basics of FedEx shipment exceptions.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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FedEx Shipment Exception FAQs

Is shipment exception from FedEx critical error?

Yes, FedEx shipment exception on delivery status is critical because it delays shipment and overlaps estimated delivery dates.

Will I get my product delivered if it says delivery exception?

Not for sure, but FedEx attempts three more deliveries in case of a delivery blitz with shipment exception issues.

What are the reasons for the shipment exception from FedEx?

The reasons for the shipment exception in your FedEx tracking includes address issues (incorrect or incomplete address), customs clearance problems, damaged or lost packages, and other irregularities in the shipping process.

Should I contact FedEx to fix the shipment exception status?

It is recommended to contact FedEx representatives to fix the shipment exception as quickly as possible. In some cases, this error resolves automatically.

How many attempts will FedEx do?

In case of shipment exception status, FedEx tries three more attempts for delivery to the destination.

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