Top 7 Industrial Robotics Companies In The World

Top 7 Industrial Robotics Companies in the world

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Analytics Insight presents a list of the top industrial robots companies around the globe

Robotics has been booming in the global marketplace because companies recognize the specific needs of many industries–assistants. Robotics is helping factories and companies in many different ways, including product inspection, welding, automation, and many other tasks.

This helps to increase productivity and yield higher returns while reducing costs. Many industrial robotics companies can supply the necessary supply to meet the demand in this tech-driven market.

These industrial robots are smart because they combine robotics with artificial intelligence. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent industrial robotics companies around the globe. The top industrial robotics companies around the globe for you to learn

Top 7 Industrial Robotics Companies in the world

ABB Ltd.

ABB Robotics is a leader in robotics, focusing on the manufacturing of industrial robots and machine automation in 53 countries. It has shipped more than 50,000 industrial robot solutions around the globe.

It serves many industries, including aluminum, cement, data centers, marine and ports, and metals, as well as infrastructure and building construction. It offers a digital solution that reduces maintenance costs and increases employee safety in mining operations.
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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a top industrial robots company that can offer products specific to each region. The Mitsubishi MELFA industrial robot is a popular choice for cell manufacturing.

It is capable of high speeds and high precision with the intelligent technology of AI. These industrial robots can be used for fast, high-volume food production and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Industrial robots can withstand harsh environments without any external concern about the installation environment. There are different types of industrial robots such as vertical type robots, horizontal type robots, ceiling-mounted horizontal type robots, environment-resistant specified robots, as well as micro-working robots.
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Apex Automation and Robotics

Apex Automation and Robotics specialize in the manufacture and design of industrial robots and automation machines around the globe.

It is known for using the best technology for each application. It is focused on complex movements that perform a variety of functions quickly and accurately. It is involved in industrial robotics projects, such as robotics packing and high-speed robotic pickers.

Fanuc Corporation

Fanuc Corporation, a well-known company in industrial robotics, manufactures industrial robots that improve productivity and increase revenue. The company has over 100 models of industrial robots and more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.

These industrial robots can be operated with ease and have a maximum payload of 2,300kg. They also offer flexibility up to 4.7m. This robot is well-known for its wide range of industrial robotics.
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Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa Motoman focuses on high-quality industrial robots for welding and cutting, picking, assembly, and handling. These robots are well-known for their high payload, high speed, extended reach, and unique 15-axis dual-arm robots.

This company provides tailored solutions to manufacturing problems with top-quality controllers, vision systems, and other components.


Kawasaki is a well-known global supplier of industrial robots, robotic automation systems, and artificial intelligence. Its goal is to create high-quality, top-notch industrial robotics and provide engineering and artificial intelligence.

It has more than 50 years of robotics experience with various types of robots including payload robots and painting robots as well as clean robots and place robots. They also have palletizing robots and pharmaceutical robots.
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Nachi is a top industrial robots company in the world with its focus on automation. The company provides industrial robots for services like handling, palletizing, and spot welding.

It also offers a cleanroom, controller, and heavy-duty cleaning. The company has offered solutions in industrial robotics to a variety of industries, including the automotive industry. It can carry payloads up to 700kg and has a reach of up to 13ft.

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